Marci – LadyMate & D-Stress

I wanted to tell you how much I love the “Lady Mate” spray. I am an RN in my 40’s who just recently opened my own Call Center. Needless to say, life has been quite stressful. After starting the Lady Mate, I find it much easier to relax and focus on my family, life and job! Nothing else has changed in my life so I believe it is the spray that has improved the quality of my life. I now enjoy my work and my family time and have the energy to take my daily walks again! 

My daughter tried the D-Stress. She keeps it in her pocket, and it is so easy to use- no fumbling for her pills or having to remember to have a drink handy all the time to wash them down with! This is perfect for an on the go person. Thank you for being such a great support to us! 

Marci Lawing

Newport News, Virginia

December 17, 2013

Margaret Elaine Henry Mesa, AZ

I have been using VitaMist Vitamins for over 15 years thanks to my friend, Patty who introduced them to me. I love them because I can’t tolerate vitamins in pill form. I have been extremely healthy since taking VitaMist Vitamins.


Margaret Elaine Henry
Mesa, AZ

Angela Kirkpatrick

I have been using Vita Mist Vitamins since 1989 – I am a Registered Nurse and have higher education – though I am currently retired. I believe in Vitamist Spray Vitamins and know they work. When my late husband began to show terminal symptoms of Celiac Disease that we did not know he had, his nutritional status became severely compromised. I immediately put him on Vitamist Spray Vitamins – his doctor agreed. Because my husband’s diagnosis was a nutritional illness that prevented him from absorbing nutrients, we were able to do blood tests every two weeks for Calcium, Magnesium, B12, and many other tests. The spray B12 was able to be measured as well as the Magnesium and Calcium. The B12 was essential to his blood coagulation. So, after using the vitamins for 20 years – I actually had the proof of their absorption through my husband’s blood tests. The Osteo-CalMag was critical because he could not get Magnesium any other way except IV, which they had to do before he started using the spray magnesium. His genetic testing showed that he had received the two different genes for Celiac Disease – one from each parent. His brother also died of the condition because they did not realize
he had Celiac and was never treated.

I believe in the spray vitamins – I am 71 and have been taking them for over 20 years. I take no medications for any conditions on a regular basis. I attribute my health status to the Vitamist Spray Vitamins. My husband was helped greatly by them but died when a kidney specialist made a mistake in prescribing IV Fluids and overloaded his system. (No, I did not sue).

I don’t ever want to be without them. I will make the request that you restore the alphabetical listing for purchasing them. It is annoying and very time consuming for me to order them now because I must search through your entire web site to find what I need. I can look at the web site when I so desire; but when I am placing an order, I just want to go down the A – Z list and get the order done. 


Angela Kirkpatrick


Sharon Snider

Steve & I have been with VitaMist for over 3 yrs. Both of us take B12-500. It gives us the energy we need to get thru our day.

Sharon & Steve Snider

Steve Schroeder Professional Bowler

“The Lord blessed me with the talent and the ability and gave me an excellent product that keeps me energetic on a very busy schedule. I feel others will benefit greatly from the enhanced mental alertness and energy if they need to perform well.”

David Tanner Iron Man Competitor

“I carried the B12 with me on a 10k run and found I was five minutes faster than a race a month before with less training.”

Janet Adams

The older we get the more our metabolism seems to slow down which makes it harder to lose weight.  I have been taking Esbelty and SlenderMist for the past four months, and I have lost 30 pounds.  I feel GREAT.  Thank you VitaMist

The older we get the more our metabolism seems to slow down.  I have been taking Esbelty and SlenderMist for the past four months I feel GREAT.  Thank you VitaMist

Mike Gattis

I began my career in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Bergen Brunswig as an order filler in the warehouse in San Diego, Ca. in 1973.  I worked with Bergen until 1984 when I resigned my position as Regional Sales Manager for their SW Region.  After a brief stint in the furniture business, I took a position of V.P. of National Accounts with Rugby Labs, the largest generic manufacture in the U.S. at that time.  In 1991 I joined the Bindley Western Drug Co. as Senior Vice President of Sales.  The challenge was to grow the sales volume of the company; the mission was accomplished in 1999.  Revenues in 1991 were $650 MM in annual sales; in 1999 annual sales were 8.4 Billion.  Mr. Bindley sold the company to CAH and the rest is history.  I retired and enjoyed the life I had hoped to enjoy boating on the Ohio River and other inter-coastal waterways in this wonderful country.  I almost built a marina and boat storage facility in Clarksville, TN. But the mayor that was my supporter got voted out of office and the project went to sleep.  The boat was shipped to Houston and my dog Panda Blue and I moved to Houston where Sally Ann and I married in 2002.  I had several dead end jobs after Sally and I married.  Pliva Labs, generic mfg.  From Croatia; Real Estate Investments; Humco Compounding Pharmacy Division.  None of the Pharmaceutical Industry didn’t want any FOP’s and my future did not include the wonderful industry where I spent thirty-four years of my life.  That makes you “HISTORY”.
Fast forward to February 2008.  Still in Houston reading the Sunday morning paper; see an ad about 25 year old company expanding into Houston market.  Positions available for six to eight representatives.  Call phone number xxx-xxx-ssss.  I called the number, the message answered and unfortunately the language spoke by the party on the other side was Espanol.  No comprende espanjol.  Sooner than later the man of the hour called.  It was Tom Davis.  He explained where the meetings were and when they started and invited me to come on down.  I did and then the next day I did and on the third day I did.  I was so excited about what I saw, I had finally found a fit.  On the second day I joined the team and I have not regretted it for even a minute.  I am pleased to be associated with such a great group of people and I am proud to call them my associates and my friends.
VITAMIST–The Best Damn Vitamin on the Planet!!!

Teresa Juried

Teresa expressed to many of her friends and family that her body was having a hard time accepting conventional Pre-Natal Pills.  She did not like the taste, smell, nor the size of the pills as they were hard to engulf.  She attempted (3) three different types of pills with disappointing results and furthermore came to the conclusion to discontinue, conventional, pre-natal pills.
Teresa finally met with one of the staff members of Vitamist and they enlightened her on the Vitamist line of products.  At first she was skeptical of the products, not truly having knowledge of how well the product(s) would produce results.  Vitamist gave her a free 30-day trial and now she is, in all simplicity and frankness, hooked.  She told us she feels great, has more energy than ever before and feels better than she has in ages!

Susan Fraser

Hi, Thank you for the chance to comment and highly recommend your spray vitamins.  I started with the multi-vitamin spray and have just ordered the calcium spray!!  I have IBS and many allergies.  I could not find any vitamins that did not wreck havoc with my digestive system.  Everyone needs vitamins and it is very important to eat right and exercise.  I need supplements more than most because of my food allergys.  I also wanted all natural or as close as I could get.  I am very happy with your products and will be a customer forever!!