Mary Kay Leggiardo

Back in 2000 my husband was very ill, he had cirrhosis of the liver from Hepatitis C. He was not the “A” typical type. He was a Police Officer and they thought he may have gotten it when he went into the Airforce the vaccine was given by air gun blood flew from one person to the next. Well we had friends that introduced us to VitaMist Spray vitamins. Long story short before he received his new liver he was on your spray vitamins, he never once went into the hospital for any illness it helped his immune system. The echinacea was wonderful that way . He also had motion sickness the vitamotion was amazing.

I have another story about our trip to Cancun the first was on a boat to stingray city, my husband turned totally pale I brought the VitaMotion told him spray 6 right away he did turned to the side of the boat never vomitted and all his color came back. We had met a some couples they scuba dived together but one of the women could stay down as long, I told her to try the VitaMotion she was really excited she stayed under as long as the rest of her group!!! I left the spray with her told her to enjoy.

We love the sprays I just wish I would remember to reorder. The reason for the last ones was my daughter in-law is going for surgery and she needed to pump up her blood so if she needed blood transfusion after surgery. It helped but she didn’t take it exactly like I told her otherwise it would have done the trick. She would loose to much blood once a month that if she hadn’t taken it at all she would have probably been really anemic.

So as far as how good are these vitamin spray, I would have to say they are awesome!!!!!

Thank you,
Mary Kay Leggiardo

Angela Kirkpatrick

t gives me so much pleasure and security to know that you are there – right at the end of the phone line across the country. At age 72 1/2 I never want to think of not having my vitamins. They are essential to my life; I use 17 of them daily and “sleep” only when I wake up for a lav trip and can’t return to sleep – it really works great.
The vitamist products I believe are essential to the good state of health that I enjoy. When my husband was alive and was suffering from celiac disease and nutritional deficits – he finally agreed to try the vitamist spray vitamins, after mocking my use for so many years.
He became a true believer and never missed spraying his vitamins. He could feel the difference because he was weak from the illness. We were able to do blood tests for the B12 to determine if he was absorbing, and we had to cut back a couple of sprays because it raised his blood levels so amazingly high.
I knew that there was no cure for my husband’s condition, but I am so happy that he was able to experience a better quality of life with the vitamist products than he would have had without them.
I am not bragging – just reporting – that after using the vitamist spray vitamins for 26 years, I am not on any cardiac or respiratory medication. My blood pressure is normal, and I have no serious eye disease or orthopedic issues. Please do not discontinue your products – they are worth the homeostasis they provide. I never want to be without them – I would truly panic if I could not have them. Thank you also for your outstanding service.

Sincerely, AK

Girley Reed

My name is Girley Reed and I am a resident of Mississippi. I came to learn about Vitamist spray vitamins through my father who was an employee of the company. I was having a lot of issues with my health and talked to my father about them and he told me about how the spray vitamins would help me out because I am pill intolerant. He sent me some samples including the ones that were like tasty treats. Recently, I underwent the Gastric Sleeve surgery and needed some vitamins instead of filling up my stomach with the pill form. I called my father and he sent me a Multivitamin with Biotin, B12 vitamin, and Osteo Calmag. Every since I have been taking the multivitamin along with the others, my nails are growing and I’ve been a nail biter all my life. I used to have a lot of problems with my hair coming out because of the thyroid disease and the biotin in the multivitamin takes care of that. If you know anything about the thyroid disease, you’d know that your skin has rashes in various places; that is no longer an issue. All of the spray vitamins that I take play an important part in my life. I testify about these vitamins to everyone I know; especially those who are pill intolerant and many other situations, but for the most part, because I am a gastric sleeve patient, they help me to be healthier and they’re fast acting into my system. #spray & go w/a healthy flow; vitamist!

Scot E. Severn – Bronze Medal Winner.

Thanks to Vitamist I’ve packed on a lot more muscle than before and passed every USADA test I’ve received. I have gone from being in the top 5 at the Beijing Paralympics in shotput to being ranked #1 in 2013 for the F53 classification I compete in. I won a Bronze medal at the 2012 Paralympics in London and most recently a Silver at the IPC world Championships in Lyon, France. I am currently training for the 2015 Para Pan AM games in Toronto and World Championships in Nov 2015, eventually leading up to the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio. I will be in Mesa in May for the Desert Challenge Games.



Maria Geathers

It’s been 1 year since I started using Vitamist Sprays. Just wanted to give you an update since 2013. I been using Vitamist Sprays everyday Since I started using your products, I have been in the best of health. My Iron level and energy level have been great since I been using the B12 and Iron Vitamist spray. Just a short story, I had 2 surgeries last year 1 cosmetic, which required to have blood work done to make sure I qualify for the surgery with no health issues. The 2nd surgery required an emergency surgery of the removal of my Gall bladder. All of my blood work came back excellent. I have to say it’s definitely from using your products. I recommend this product to anyone who is willing to feel, look and share Vitamist Spray, I guarantee you will see and feel the difference immediately. I will keep in touch and you will always be dear to me.

Thank you,


Mrs. Maria Geathers

West Palm Beach, FL