Girley Reed

My name is Girley Reed and I am a resident of Mississippi. I came to learn about Vitamist spray vitamins through my father who was an employee of the company. I was having a lot of issues with my health and talked to my father about them and he told me about how the spray vitamins would help me out because I am pill intolerant. He sent me some samples including the ones that were like tasty treats. Recently, I underwent the Gastric Sleeve surgery and needed some vitamins instead of filling up my stomach with the pill form. I called my father and he sent me a Multivitamin with Biotin, B12 vitamin, and Osteo Calmag. Every since I have been taking the multivitamin along with the others, my nails are growing and I’ve been a nail biter all my life. I used to have a lot of problems with my hair coming out because of the thyroid disease and the biotin in the multivitamin takes care of that. If you know anything about the thyroid disease, you’d know that your skin has rashes in various places; that is no longer an issue. All of the spray vitamins that I take play an important part in my life. I testify about these vitamins to everyone I know; especially those who are pill intolerant and many other situations, but for the most part, because I am a gastric sleeve patient, they help me to be healthier and they’re fast acting into my system. #spray & go w/a healthy flow; vitamist!