Mary Kay Leggiardo

Back in 2000 my husband was very ill, he had cirrhosis of the liver from Hepatitis C. He was not the “A” typical type. He was a Police Officer and they thought he may have gotten it when he went into the Airforce the vaccine was given by air gun blood flew from one person to the next. Well we had friends that introduced us to VitaMist Spray vitamins. Long story short before he received his new liver he was on your spray vitamins, he never once went into the hospital for any illness it helped his immune system. The echinacea was wonderful that way . He also had motion sickness the vitamotion was amazing.

I have another story about our trip to Cancun the first was on a boat to stingray city, my husband turned totally pale I brought the VitaMotion told him spray 6 right away he did turned to the side of the boat never vomitted and all his color came back. We had met a some couples they scuba dived together but one of the women could stay down as long, I told her to try the VitaMotion she was really excited she stayed under as long as the rest of her group!!! I left the spray with her told her to enjoy.

We love the sprays I just wish I would remember to reorder. The reason for the last ones was my daughter in-law is going for surgery and she needed to pump up her blood so if she needed blood transfusion after surgery. It helped but she didn’t take it exactly like I told her otherwise it would have done the trick. She would loose to much blood once a month that if she hadn’t taken it at all she would have probably been really anemic.

So as far as how good are these vitamin spray, I would have to say they are awesome!!!!!

Thank you,
Mary Kay Leggiardo