Founders Month

Dear VitaMist Family,

In the History of VitaMist March has always been founder’s Month!

My amazing husband founded this company and created the worldwide patents on the products. He passed away 10 years ago last month, but he has left us a legacythat will go on forever.

I found a poem of Mother Teresa’s that rather sums up the way he felt and lived his life.

“Words to live by” from Mother Teresa

– People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;

Forgive them anyway.

– If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;

Be kind anyway.

– If you are successful, you will find some false friends and some true enemies;

Succeed anyway.

– If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;

Be honest and frank anyway.

– What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;

Build anyway.

– If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;

Be happy anyway.

– The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;

Do good anyway.

– Give the world the best you have and it may just never be enough;

Give the world the best that you have anyway.

– You see, in the final analysis, it’s all between you and God;

It was never between you and them anyway.

with LOV


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      Massive Action Campaign

      Here’s a 10-step Massive Action Campaign that will shock your business like taking a dip in a lake in Winter!

      1. Take 10 pieces of blank paper and tape them on the wall of your office. You are going to make 10 prospecting calls a day for 10 days in a row. You will write down each call each day on 1 sheet of paper. What are you going to do with each prospect? Are you going to give them a video, audio, website, fax, email or a 1 on 1 presentation? Make a plan and stick to it. Who do you call? Anyone who isn’t in your downline yet… You MUST have a Master List!
      2. Get 10 downline members on your team to do the exact same thing. Have them commit to calling 10 prospects a day each for 10 straight days. Be available to do 3-way calls with their hottest prospects. You and your team will make 1,100 prospect calls in a week and a half!
      3. Call or email your upline and tell them what your team is doing. You are looking for upline leadership to be available for 3-way calls and/or conference calls for your team’s most excited prospects.
      4. Promote the NEXT EVENT to every prospect that you and your team call. Is it a big training conference call with your upline, a special hotel event or an in-home training at your place? If there is no next event, YOU MUST CREATE ONE! Tell 1,100 people about it in the next 10 days with your team’s help. Invite all 1,100 people to be there!
      5. You and your entire team mail “Thank You!” notes to every single prospect you talk to during the blitz. Brainstorm how to write these. Make them curiosity pieces. For example, “Dear Joe, Great speaking with you last week. Did I mention my amazing new website? Check it out at www….com! – David.” It’s like planting 1,100 seeds. Which ones will grow into trees that bear fruit? Only time will tell.
      6. After the blitz is over, do a group conference call with your 10 warriors. Go through each person’s list to see who has prospects still in the ‘pipeline’ as a MAYBE. Plan aggressive follow-ups with the MAYBE’s in the form of 3-ways calls, upline 3-ways and providing them the information they need to become either a YES or a LATER.
      7. Make a list of every new distributor who joined your team during the blitz. Send them a personal “Welcome-To-The-Team” letter and introduce yourself and promote the next special event to them.
      8. Call each person in your downline who sponsored someone during the blitz. Congratulate them for a job well done and make sure their new distributor gets started properly with a solid “Getting Started” Training.
      9. Write up a short 100-word article about what your team did and talk about the most positive aspects of the results. Send a copy to your upline leaders and a copy to VitaMist and put it on your blog. See if their Publications Department will do a write-up of your team for the next company email magazine!
      10. Do it the entire blitz again with a new group of 10 people in about 60 days. Get your downline leaders to do a blitz the exact same way at the exact same time. You will have thousands of prospects contacted and massive growth in your business!

      You can do this! Block out all distractions for just 2 weeks and take Massive Action.

      This blitz may attract the leader that earns you a residual income for the rest of your life.

      Short term pain for long term gain.

       Original Article

       “Ten Things You Can Do Right Now To Explode Your Network …” Insert Name of Site in Italics. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2016 <>.

      Artificial Light at Night Can Cause Weight Gain

      TEL AVIV – A new Israeli study shows that artificial light at night (ALAN) can cause weight gain and even lead to some types of cancer, ISRAEL21c reported.

      The study, which was published in the International Journal of Obesity, demonstrates that artificial light disrupts daily rhythms and suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone produced by animals and humans at night.

      “In recent years there are a lot of studies that use ALAN as a proxy for different health issues including obesity. Some lab studies have examined how ALAN leads to body-mass gain among mice,” explains University of Haifa mathematics and economics PhD student Nataliya Rybnikova to ISRAEL21c.

      “Melatonin is responsible for metabolic function, and ALAN also influences metabolic function in people. So we decided to check if there is an association between ALAN and body-mass gain,” she adds.

      Rybnikova studied captured satellite images of artificial light emitted at night from more than 80 countries. She then compared the images with data on each country’s obesity rates.

      After adjusting for other factors known to influence obesity — including the country’s average birthrate, dietary patterns, gross domestic product, and percentage of urban population — ALAN still emerged as a prominent predictor for obesity.

      According to the World Health Organization, about 1,900 million adults are now defined as overweight (body mass index of 25 to 29.9) and about 600 million adults defined as obese (body mass index of 30 or higher).

      Rybnikova worked on the study under the supervision of Haifa University professors Boris Portnov and Abraham Haim, who co-authored the 2013 book Light Pollution as a New Risk Factor for Breast and Prostate Cancers.

      Melatonin also has anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties which, when suppressed, contributes to higher rates of breast and prostate cancer.

      Studies conducted in Israel have shown that higher levels of artificial lighting in a neighborhood correlate with a higher frequency of breast cancer and prostate cancer in that neighborhood.

      Original Article
      New Israeli Study: Artificial Light at Night Causes Weight .., (accessed March 03, 2016).