Eight Tips to Live Longer

Tip 1:  Drink Water

Every cell in your body functions only as well as the fluid that surrounds it.  Therefore, the more hydrated your body is, the healthier you are likely to be.

 The body eliminates waste through liquids in four ways: respiration, urination, perspiration or defecation.  Each of these processes dehydrates you, making the replenishment of fluid essential.  As we age, the amount of water persistently in our bodies decreases, making the elimination of waste more difficult.  The older we get, the more water we need to drink.  The same goes for hot days when we perspire more and dry days when we lose more water through respiration.

 You should not wait until your mouth and throat are dry to drink water.  In fact, people often believe they are hungry when they are thirsty.


Tip 2:  Address Nutritional Deficiencies

One of the biggest yet often overlooked reasons for aging is some form of deficiency.  Deficiencies occur when we age because the body absorbs vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients less efficiently.  One major example of this is vitamin B-12.  After your mid-thirties, the loss of the intrinsic factor makes it more difficult for the body to absorb B12.

 Tip 3:  Diet   

Contrary to popular belief, the key to weight loss is not exercise, but diet.  Changing your diet to lose weight and gain valuable nutrients can significantly increase your life span.  Eat more of these foods: leafy greens and veggies; fruits (especially citrus ); polyunsaturated fats like those in seed oils, fatty fish (sea bass, tuna, mackerel, trout, salmon), coconut milk, avocado, and VitaMist Omega Spray; proteins from lean white meat, tofu, beans, and seeds.  As important as what you do eat is what you don’t, which includes large portions of fatty red meats, hydrogenated oils, white bread, and especially sugar.


Tip 4:  Exercise

Exercise may not put much of a dent in your waistline, but it will help you live longer!   To ensure that you continue to be active, you should choose something FUN.  Whether you love the gym, can’t get enough yoga, enjoy pickup games of basketball, soak in the sights on long hikes or take that dancing class you have been dreaming about, you should enjoy your activities!


Tip 5:  Stop Smoking!

Smoking kills in many ways.  It destroys the alveoli, the small sacks in your lungs that allow you to breathe, and fills your lungs with tar.  It increases the carbon monoxide in your blood, rendering red blood cells useless.  It overrides your body’s ability to monitor CO2 levels, causing you to inhale less frequently than you should.  Smoking increases stomach acidity, causing ulcers and indigestion.  The chemicals in cigarettes can destroy DNA, causing the mutations that lead to cancer.  It can cause hardening of the arteries and it eats holes in your teeth, potentially leading to plaque in your arteries, causing heart disease and strokes.  You CAN quit smoking.  VitaMist’s Habit Free can help, and there are many other resources such as  smokefree.gov or state-run programs like Arizona’s ASHLine.


Tip 6:  Use Sun Block

The sun’s radiation can destroy skin cells.  Like smoking, it damages DNA, leading to wrinkles, discoloration, and even skin cancer.  Getting a “healthy” tan is decidedly unhealthy, as each time you tan you are prematurely aging your skin.


Tip 7:  Don’t Stress Out

Stress, negativity, anger and hostility increase stomach acidity and blood pressure, while dehydrating you and sapping your B vitamins.  Relax.  Stressing out will not solve any of your problems, it will only give you more of them.

  • An excellent way to help you body handle more stress is to give it more water and B vitamins. Check out our VitaMist D-Stress Spray, which was formulated just for such an occasion.


Tip 8:  Sleep Well

A good, healthy night’s sleep is one of the biggest keys to a long life.  Taking a sleep study will help determine if sleep apnea or another condition is preventing you from getting a restful night’s sleep.  Regulating your sleep patterns with a melatonin supplement can also contribute to ensuring you get the sleep you need, but on the schedule that you want.

The Ten Most Powerful Words in the English Language

Discover a powerful way you can get better results from your advertising, marketing and sales copy.  Some words in the English language are stronger than others. Learn to use these words and apply them to your advertising copy, sales letters, landing pages and other marketing materials. Your marketing message will be more compelling and more successful.

The words on this list speak to some of the most basic human needs, drives, and impulses. You can use this knowledge to create more compelling sales and marketing copy for your direct mail, email promotions, and landing pages. Good copy writers have known and used these words with great results for over a century, but recently Yale University conducted a study within their psychology department to isolate and identify the words that motivate us.

This list of powerful words may seem a restatement of the obvious. However, it’s interesting to see empirical studies like this to reaffirm the importance of using the right words to motivate behavior.



‘You’ is the single most powerful word in advertising.  Successful ad writing should be personal, and speak directly to the reader.  Directly to you.  Use it in your opening line and as often as possible. This simple word makes your written copy seem more personal and directed toward the reader.



Shoppers, clients, and web surfers are looking for solutions to problems and answers to questions. ‘Results’ grabs their attention and works wonders in rationalizing a purchase.



Everyone cares about their health, which is why this word is another attention grabber; especially when it applies to a product.



We all want to feel safe! We all want to avoid mistakes! It’s simply human nature. Providing a guarantee during the order process gives your potential customers a sense of safety at the time of purchase. By providing a way of escape, you may be able to overcome one or more of your potential customer’s objections to making the commitment to buy.



Humans are curious by nature. This powerful word is an excellent way to position your product or service in the context of excitement and adventure.



This concept continues to be an all-time favorite.  If you think about it, love is the most popular objective in the quests for discovery, adventure, and excitement.



A close cousin to our other top power-word, ‘results’.  This word helps remove fear from trying something new by suggesting that if it works for others, it could work for you.



Similar to ‘health’, ‘safety’ appeals to our instinctual drive for survival. Its use could refer to health but also the long-lasting quality of your product or service.



We are acquisitive but not necessarily greedy.  Our quest for safety and security cause us to want to hold on tight to what we have.  Often that means hanging on to your stash of cash! Everybody wants to feel like they are saving something.



It’s basic human nature to seek the new and exciting.  New means novelty, and appeals to the same desires as ‘discover.’

Now that you have the boiled down version of this fascinating study from Yale University, be sure to put these words into play in your writing.  You might also want to use them liberally in your HTML page titles and pages descriptions.  I used to have this list printed out and pasted on my wall. After writing this review, I’m going to make a new printout, and get these gems back on my wall. I’ve been failing to use my advice!  I suggest you use this list and constantly check your marketing and sales copy as a way to ensure that what you write appeals to the fundamental human behaviors and motivations.

A Complicated Summer

As you know by now, the 2016 VitaMist Homecoming was canceled.  What you may not know is why.  Every business has to fight through complications, and this summer has been full of them.  Some of those complications have been positive.  For instance, VitaMist’s main office is almost finished relocating.  After twenty-six at our offices in Phoenix, VitaMist has moved to a new facility in Tempe.  While it’s only a ten-minute drive from our old facility, it is still a huge change for us.  There’s just so much that goes into moving to a new building.  On top of the furniture, files, and equipment that we moved, we had to tackle transferring our computer network, rewiring the electric and data connections in the new building, installing a new water purification system, installing the security system, setting up a new production facility… the list goes on and on.  In the end, though, the headache is well worth it.  Our new facility is newer, more modern, easier to maintain and in a great, high traffic location!  It was complicated, but also very exciting.


There are other complications in business and in life that are much harder to deal with.  Bill, my son and VitaMist’s President has been quite sick.  It’s a condition that has caused him several problems, which is the last thing any mother wants.  Complications like this are very stressful, and can leave you feeling powerless.  The most that I can do is wish and hope and pray for his health every day.


Nevertheless, it is just as important to stay positive about the troubling situations as it is the exciting ones.  Your positivity and optimism influence the outcome more than you know.  Optimism also paints the days you spend dealing with an issue in a positive light.  It’s important to remember that we live every day one at a time.  Wishing for a happy ending will not lead to a happy life because most of life is the ‘during,’ not the ‘ending.’  We must be positive throughout each day, even during the most stressful complications.  That’s the key to long lasting happiness and success.