Mother’s Day Rose Quartz Pendant

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration.  On this day, we honor our own mothers, as well as maternal bonds and the influence mothers have on our day to day lives. Through the years, the word mom has evolved beyond just our biological mothers. On this day, it’s important to honor its energy by nurturing all the moms and motherly influences in our lives – Mother Earth and all the women who hold a special place in your heart as wisdom keepers; the ones you go to when you need another opinion or advice. There are many people who have never had children of their own, but act as a mom to many, giving kindness, love and compassion to all they meet.

This Mother’s Day, take the time to send the energy of unconditional love to all the women in your life who represent the nurturing energy of a mother. Thank them for their dedication, devotion, support and endless belief in you when you didn’t believe in yourself. If you are a mom, thank your self for all the times you made it about someone else instead of yourself.

If you are able to, give your mom a big hug and kiss on Mother’s Day, or call her to tell her that you love her. Those words mean the world to every mom. This is a day of gratitude for all the moms in the world because without our moms, we wouldn’t be here.

Honor the energy of Mother Earth, your mom and mindful mamas everywhere with this simple visualization with healing crystals. The crystals will hold the space for all the moms and motherly influences we adore.

The fair and lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others.

Called the Heart Stone, Rose Quartz may have been used as a love token as early as 600 B.C. and is still an important talisman of relationships. It is quite effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with family or friends. It supports connection within groups and community, and carries a high spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine.

Rose Quartz also inspires the love of beauty, in oneself and others, in nature, and especially that which stimulates the imagination – art, music and the written word. Prized in the ancient world for its powers of physical beautification, facial masks of Rose Quartz have been recovered from Egyptian tombs, thought by the Egyptians and Romans to clear the complexion and prevent wrinkles. It was also a stone honored by the Tibetan and Oriental cultures, and continues to be one of the major carving stones of China.

Rose Quartz is a mothering crystal, inspiring nurturing of the self if one has lost their own mother. It promotes bonding and is a good stone to place on the stomach during pregnancy, and to take to the hospital to be near the baby during birth. It is also soothing in the days to follow.

The soft pink emanations of Rose Quartz comforts and heals any wounds the heart has suffered, penetrating the inner chambers of the Heart Chakra where emotional experiences are recorded and stored. It dissolves the sorrows, worries, fears and resentments suppressing the heart’s ability to give and receive love, and replaces it with healing, comfort and inner nourishment. A deep sense of personal fulfillment and energy forms a new foundation where inner peace and contentment can become a personal reality.

In celebration of this day, we are giving away Free Rose Quartz pendants for every new order of three products or more.  These pendants have been reiki infused by a Reiki Master Instructor, right here in Phoenix.  We’ve taken this extra step to ensure that your mother or a maternal influence in your life will feel the love you have for them with this gift.

In short, it’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.


“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.”

-Jewish Proverb

Going Green

Did You Know…

That VitaMist Is Green?


All VitaMist products are made from fully recyclable materials.  When you’re finished with your monthly vitamins, drop them in the nearest recycling bin! Those materials can be cleaned, processed and reused.

Here at the home office, we have dedicated recycling bins for all materials that are capable of being recycled (which is a lot!).  We have made great strides in our efforts to go paperless, as all of our documentation on Standard Operating Procedures, GMPs, inventory and reports have moved to electronic over the past two years.  The only documents we regularly print are the records we keep on file for regulatory agencies.  Even the VitaMist View is converting to an online form, for your convenience, and the earth’s.

As nice as having a plush, green lawn looks, we have cut back on the landscaping maintenance.  Replacing sections of grass with crushed rock has allowed us to turn off our irrigation system for good.

Not every section of our office and production buildings are in use at all times, so our policy is to leave the lights off until we need them.  Computers are shut down at the every day, and if there’s nobody in the break room, there’s no reason to leave the lights on.

The heat in Arizona can be oppressive, so there’s no way around using AC, but we have found that we can save energy (and money!) by putting our thermostats on timers, and turning the AC off in offices that are not regularly used.

To cut fuel costs, VitaMist has halted its daily shipment pickups from FedEx.  With the Phoenix Airport right next door, we can save fuel by dropping shipments off on our way home at night.

Finally, we are proud to partner with other businesses who have an eye on the environment, such as DreamHost, who are certified carbon neutral, and Glanbia Nutritionals, winners of the 2015 ‘Green Food & Beverage Award’.

VitaMist has its eye on future possibilities to reduce our carbon footprint.  We will be moving our home office closer to the downtown area, with access to the Valley Metro Light Rail, meaning shorter commutes and more transportation options for employees.

All these efforts will contribute now and in the long run to keeping this earth sustainable.

Did You Know…

That You Can Go Green, Too?

If you are tired of living a wasteful lifestyle and are resolved to go green, you might feel a little overwhelmed about all of the big changes in your life. Starting something new can be stressful when you are unsure where to begin.  Focus on smaller changes you can make easily before you tackle the more difficult steps of your eco-friendly resolution. Here are some easy and small changes you can make in your everyday life to help live a more eco-friendly lifestyle:

  1. Eat Less Meat. Believe it or not, cutting back on your consumption of meat can make a huge difference in the environment. More than 30 percent of the Earth’s surface is being used to raise and support livestock. According to a United Nations study, “the livestock sector accounts for 9 percent of CO2 deriving from human-related activities, but produces a much larger share of even more harmful greenhouse gases. It generates 65 percent of human-related nitrous oxide, which has 296 times the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of CO2.” Cutting back on your meat consumption is an important step in reducing the overall emission of GWP gases. Less livestock also means more land we can enjoy and use for recreation. Consider replacing some of your meat-heavy meals with vegetables or eating more seafood!
  2. Use Paper Less And Recycle More. The world we live in today is much more reliant on computers and digital technology. It is easy to go a day without using a notebook or even a piece of paper. The less paper you use, the less paper needs to be produced and the more trees that get to fill our forests. By recycling one short ton (0.91 t) of paper you can save 17 mature trees, according to the EPA. If it is essential for you to use paper at your job or at school, you can still make a difference by recycling the paper you do use. Today, more than 40 percent of municipal solid waste is paper and paper products. It takes less energy to create paper through recycled and used sheets than by creating new paper. Recycling is easy and one of the best ways to live green.
  3. Use Canvas Bags Instead Of Plastic. Most stores offer a canvas bag alternative to their wasteful generic plastic and paper bags. Although a canvas bag might cost a small amount to acquire, they are actually much more useful than you might think. A canvas bag is sturdier than a traditional plastic or paper bag and can hold more goods. A canvas bag can also be used to store items or pack items when moving – making it useful in more than one way. Parents, if you have children that are about to head off to college, investing in a few canvas bags would be a great gift. Your kids might not know it yet, but they will be moving a lot in the next few years and those bags will come in extra handy when they need to bring the books they have been accumulating semester to semester with them. Even if you don’t use canvas bags, reusing plastic bags is a great way to live more eco-friendly. Just use your plastic bags in small garbage cans throughout your home, or recycle your used grocery bag! Every small change can make a huge difference.
  4. Start A Compost Pile Or Bin. Compost bins have become a huge trend throughout America in the last few years – and for good reason! Not only do compost bins reduce waste by letting you re-use things you would normally just toss out, but they also save you money and help your plants grow better in your garden! Why go out and buy expensive compost when you could be creating your own with things you are throwing out anyway? If you garden at all, it really doesn’t make any sense NOT having a compost bin. Invest in one or make your own today!
  5. Purchase The Right Light Bulb. Don’t run out today and replace all of your light bulbs even though they are still working, but the next time one of your light bulbs burns out replace it with a more eco-friendly brand. Replace your old bulb with a compact fluorescent light. CFL bulbs can last more than five times longer and use much less electricity than regular incandescent light bulbs. Plus, they are brighter, which means you might able to get away with using less lamps in your home!
  6. Choose Cloth Over Paper. Instead of rushing to the store and purchasing a dozen rolls of paper towels when you are ready to do your spring cleaning, cut up an old t-shirt or other form of clothing and use that as a rag instead. You were going to toss it out anyway, why not save some money and the planet at the same time? Collect all of your used rags in a basket together and wash them all at the same time. Use, re-use and repeat!
  7. Cut Down On Energy In Your Home. There are a lot of ways to cut back on energy you use in your home. These will lead to smaller energy bills and more money in your pocket! That is a win for you and a win for the Earth. Start by lowering your thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer. Unplug appliances when they aren’t being used, wash all possible clothes on cold (according to The Worldwatch Institute, 85 percent of the energy used to machine-wash clothes goes to heating the water) and use a drying rack or clothesline to dry your outfits when they are finished being washed. Reducing your energy around the home is literally as easy as a click of the button.
  8. Borrow Instead Of Buying. It is easy to waste money on things that you can easily borrow. Rent movies, borrow books from libraries and buy secondhand goods when at all possible. By purchasing and using pre-owned items, you reduce those items that need to be kept in a landfill and save yourself money. Living green doesn’t mean you have to settle for less, many items that you find in a used-goods store are just as good as the original. Search the web or explore your town for some neat items. If you find or have found something super unique in the past, share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter page!
  9. Reduce Water Waste. You can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle by using less water and cutting back on your bottled water purchases. Take a shorter shower in the morning or install a low-flow showerhead. The investment in a low-flow showerhead will be worth it when you receive your next water bill and it is significantly lower than the last. Cutting back on bottled water purchases is easy. Even if you live in an area where your tap water isn’t the tastiest, purchasing a water filter will take some of that irony aftertaste out of your water and purify it to your bottled-water standards. Plus, a water filter will save you money in the long run, when you don’t have to take trip after trip to the store to purchase more bottled water!
  10. Recycling A Car. You may not know it, but recycling your vehicle is one of the best ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. While you are making your changes, you may be looking to get a more gas-friendly vehicle. If that is the case, donate your vehicle to Wheels For Wishes! They will recycle your vehicle or auction it off to a new owner, with all of the proceeds from your donation benefiting Make-A-Wish! The most recycled consumer product in the world today is the automobile. At least 95 percent of each unusable vehicle is recycled each year. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, about 26 vehicles are recycled throughout the world every minute! You can donate your vehicle and help change the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions today by calling 1-877-431-9474 or filling out an easy donation form online. Since Wheels For Wishes is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, you will receive the maximum possible tax deduction for your car donation.

Make this the year of positive changes. Living a greener lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be as easy as shutting off a light when you are no longer going to be in a room. Plus, going green will save you money!

How good is your nutritional IQ?

26 fast True or False questions

(6 out of 10 people will get more than 10 wrong) 


True or False: Then Why?
1. Carbohydrates have more nutritional value than starches?
Starches are one type of carbohydrate; sugar are also carbohydrates. Both types are necessary for a balanced diet.

2. Eating less food makes the stomach shrink?
Stomachs do not shrink, appetites do.

3. If you start exercising regularly, you’ll eat more because you will feel hungrier throughout the day?
Studies show that inactive people who start a regular exercise program cut their food intake and are less hungry.

4. You’ll lose weight more quickly if you reduce your intake of fats?
The best way to lose weight is to reduce one’s intake of fats.

5. The speed with which you eat your food is irrelevant to your diet?
False !
It takes the average person 20 minutes to receive the signal from the stomach to the brain that he or she is full. If you eat rapidly, you’re apt to overeat before receiving the signal from the brain that your stomach of full.

6. It’s impossible to reconstruct a recipe so that it’s low in calories?
False !
It is often easy to reduce the calories in a dish if you consider all the ingredients. Substitute items such as low-calorie vegetable spray for shortening, skimmed milk for cream and artificial sweetener for sugar.

7. Milk is so good nutritional that you can’t drink too much of it?
• False !
Milk is good nutritionally, but it is high in calories. Five glass of homogenized milk equals 825. No food, no matter how good it is nutritionally, can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

8. Is it nutritionally better to eat fresh rather than frozen or canned fruit?
• False ! – SURPRISED !?!?!?
Frozen fruit is equal in nutritional value to fresh fruit. Due to modern canning processes, the nutritional value of water packed fruit is only slightly less that fresh, although it has a few more calories than fresh fruit.

9. Heating and toasting food decreases its calories?
• False !
Heating and cooking food does nothing to the calorie content.

10. As people get older they inevitably put on weight?
• False !
As you get older, your body’s basic energy requirements lessen and if you continue to eat as much as you did when you were younger, you will gain weight. However, weight gain is not inevitable if you reduce your food intake and exercise regularly.

11. White eggs have less nutritional value than brown eggs?
• False !
Whether an egg comes in a white shell or a brown shell, it is still an egg and has the same nutritional value.

12. The body uses more energy to burn calories from carbohydrates than to burn calories from fat, so carbohydrates are less fattening?
All calories are not equal and carbohydrates and protein calories are not as fattening as fat calories because it takes more energy to process them.

13. Spray vitamins are the best Delivery system to get your nutrition?
According to the physician’s Desk Reference and it’s ranked as the best way to take your Vitamins.

14. Too much meat tends to add extra pounds?
Meat is high in protein, but also high in fat and calories. Too many calories, no matter where they come from, add pounds !!!!

15. If you consistently feel weak or tired while dieting, it is just a normal results of cutting calories?
• False !
Just reducing calories does not cause fatigue. If you are feeling weak and fatigued, you may have cut your calories intake too severely (below 800 calories a day is considered unsafe without medical supervision) or your diet isn’t a balanced diet and you’re not getting all the nutrients you need. Stay away from fad diets when trying to reduce.

16. Drinking less water will relieve that bloated feeling and rid the body of water?
• False !
One of the ways to assist in eliminating excess fat and waste products from the system is by maintaining a liberal intake of water. Eight glasses a day is not too much. Water can also help reduce hunger by making you feel more full.

17. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice burn fat and so fat can be consumed in unlimited quantities?
• False !
All foods contain calories. There are no magic fat-burning foods or substances. Grapefruit juice contains approximately the same amount of calories as orange juice and should be consumed in moderation.

18. A few extra pounds is bad for your health?
• False !
Scientific studies have shown that otherwise healthy individuals, such as those without hypertension or disease, can carry as many as 10 to 15 extra pounds without adverse health effects.

19. Eating balanced meals is not important if a vitamin is taken daily?
• False !
Vitamins are supplements, but that’s all. It’s a misconception that you can eat an unbalanced diet and take a vitamin pill and not worry about it. A vitamin pill that has everything you need hasn’t been invented yet.

20. Beer has  little nutritional value?
• True !
It may taste good to you, but a 12 ounce can of beer is 151 calories and not much else. It has very few nutrients.

21. The most important part of any diet is protein, and any high or all protein diet is desirable?
• False !
The average person’s diet contains twice as much protein as is needed. Since many protein foods are also high in calories – red meat, for instance, because of its high fat content – a diet very high in protein can provide more calories than your body can burn. And, what doesn’t get burned turns to fat on your body.

22. A diet pill is very helpful diet aid?
• False !
Although diet pills may help some persons get started on weight loss, there’s no substitute for learning how to eat correctly. You must learn how to eat correctly for the rest of your life, not depend on diet pills.

23. Protein is protein – it does not matter what kind of food it comes from?
• False !
Proteins are made up of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids, nine are essential to health in adults. Some foods have all 9 of them and some do not. That’s why it is better to balance our diet with several protein sources rather than just eating one constantly. This is especially important on a vegetarian diet.

24. Most overweight people have glandular problems?
• False !
A very small percentage of overweight people have a glandular problem. The rest are simply eating more calories than they are burning.

25. Losing two pounds per week for more than two weeks is desirable?
• TRUE !!!!!!!
Two pounds per week is a very healthy weight loss rate. There is no problem with dehydration, muscle cramping and drastic lowering of blood pressure with light-headedness and feeling weak.

26. You should never skip a meal when you’re dieting even if you’re not particularly hungry?
• False !
It’s a myth. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that one should eat when one is NOT hungry. That if you skip a meal when you are not hungry it will cause you to overeat your next meal. Of course, if you’re dieting, and you are hungry, you shouldn’t skip any meals, because the longer you wait, the more hungry you are going to get.

A Phoenix In Phoenix

One man’s dream that turned into a family’s dedication is now, today, becoming a cause for so many around the world.

VitaMist was invented by the late Joseph A. Deihl, a man with a dream. He stuck with his dream, and watched it become a reality with the opening of Mayor Pharmaceutical Laboratories, the only spray vitamin manufacturer in the world.

Over the years Joe Deihl has been called many things, from a snake oil salesman, to a motivator, inventor, and genius. There is no denying his true genius. He took the purest vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and put them into liquid form. This liquid was then sprayed directly into the mouth, thus allowing for faster absorption by distributing the nutrients across multiple absorption sites. This contrasts with products that rely upon a slow digestive and absorption process.

With this invention, Joseph Deihl had developed the highest form of non-medical delivery device in the world. It represents the hi-tech way to take your vitamins. This invention was a spray vitamin (named VitaMist) for which he was awarded both US and International Patents. The discovery was more than 20 years before its time, because only today has medical industry finally caught up, with the development of spray insulin, spray nitroglycerin, spray flu vaccine, and spray antibiotics.

As a result of his efforts in developing VitaMist and establishing multiple worldwide Patents, Joseph Deihl was awarded The Congressional Medal Of Freedom, the highest award a civilian can receive from the United States Congress.

Why hasn’t this invention taken over the world of nutrition until now? It is, after all, a better way to take your vitamins, a better mousetrap, if you will. The answer is timing; we live in a pill oriented society. Or rather, it would probably be better to say “it WAS a pill oriented society”. We are going through a paradigm shift as we speak.

The history of VitaMist is like a roller coaster, frequently looking like the ride was coming to an end, and never more so than when Joseph Deihl passed away at the beginning of 2006. Just as the story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so is the story of Mayor Pharmaceutical Laboratories and VitaMist, starting to rise as a new and stronger bird under the leadership of VitaMist President, William M. Deihl, the son of Joseph Deihl. “We have made a commitment to make VitaMist a Billion Dollar a year business in the next 5 years.”-William Deihl.

VitaMist is conducting a leadership search around the country and the world. Pill companies and other critics of VitaMist are now being shown that this is a company based on true science and innovation, not to mention true grit.


Some of the major accomplishments of Mayor Pharmaceutical Labs and VitaMist include…

  • Publication in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) as the best way to absorb vitamins
  • Added to the red book for insurance reimbursement and coverage
  • PBS featured story on the American Medical Review
  • News broadcasts on ABC, CBS, WGN, CNN, Disney, Unavision, FOX and most recently on NBC.
  • Featured on over 2500 radio stations
  • Articles on VitaMist in the LA Times, Prevention, the Enquirer, and Forbes
  • The only supplement featured on
  • Named 2016 Product of the Year by the World Massage Festival