The Healthy Deihl: Motivation

Bill and Erin discuss motivation, and how to get yourself off the couch.  Movement is one of the keys to losing 45 pounds in 90 days, but sometimes taking that first step can be the hardest one.

The Healthy Deihl: Eating

On today’s Healthy Deihl, we discussed eating! As in eating right, eating wrong and eating to lose weight.

The Healthy Deihl: Lose 45 Pounds in 90 Days

Just Think. This could be the beginning of a New Health Movement.

I know it seems like a lot. 1/2 pound a day for 90 days, for a total 45lbs. But it can be done Simply by just doing 3 things that anybody can do. 

1. Hypnosis (self-hypnosis) helps with Psychological hunger or emotional eating.

2. Nutrition (vitamins “VitaMist”) helps Cravings and the yoyo effect. Fills in the missing nutrients. Lowers cortisol

3. Exercise (walking or any form) stress reduction and Naturally boosts your metabolism.


The Healthy Deihl: New Year’s Resolutions

What better way to close out the year than by addressing your resolutions, and how to achieve them?

The Healthy Deihl: The Movie “Heal”

We talked about the movie Heal on The Healthy Deihl. A filmabout Cancer and the 9 things you can do to make yourself go into Remission.

The Healthy Deihl: Absorption

Join Bill and Erin as they discuss the issues preventing healthy nutrient absorption.

The Healthy Deihl: The Boomerang Principal

We had a wonderful time on The Healthy Deihl talking about the boomerang principal. As well Talking about 3 different doctors sharing VitaMist Spray Vitamins products. 

The Healthy Deihl: Falling Off Your Diet

The Healthy Deihl was on the road, when Bill and Erin both completely failed to stay on their diets.  Find out what to do when you have an off day!

The Healthy Deihl Goes Shopping

On this week’s episode, Bill and Erin head to the store! If you ever wonder what all that information on the nutrition facts panel is telling you, we’ve got the answers.

The Healthy Deihl: Sleep

Check out this week’s episode of The Healthy Deihl where Bill and Erin will talk to you about one of the most important aspects of your health. Sleeping.

We weren’t in the studio this week and had a little technical difficulty. This episode turned out to be audio only. We’re pioneering the art of Facebook Live podcasts!