400,000 Massage Therapists Can’t Be Wrong

Do you want to know why massage therapists named VitaMist named the 2016 Product of the Year?  The answer is in some of the company president William Deihl’s comments upon accepting the award.

“We want to educate consumers who have been misinformed by malicious marketing campaigns for years.  There are robust solutions to many of your health problems, and most of these solutions don’t have a price tag attached.”

 In addition to retail products, VitaMist offers free health articles online at vitamist.com, stressing the importance of proper diet and exercise, rather than resorting to harmful supplements and medications.  Free nutritional coaching is available via phone for all customers and seminars at various conferences throughout the United States.  VitaMist offers free healthcare discount cards for all who ask, no purchase necessary.

“The highly complementary combination of massage therapy and nutrition work in concert to improve health and support our bodies. Through a whole body view of health maintenance, addressing diet, nutrition, exercise, and rehabilitation we are better able to support our customers, promote healthy habits and prevent health issues.”

VitaMist Spray Vitamins provides vitamin and mineral food supplements for a new generation of health care providers and educated consumers. The numerous products in VitaMist’s ever expanding arsenal meet the needs of customers worldwide.

When President Deihl was in Atlantic City to accept the award, he spoke at length with those attending about the positive benefits of nutrition and promoting the concept of “diet support.”  Diet Support is the idea that changing your diet should not be painful, and should be for rest of your long and healthy life,  rather than harmful weight loss plans that involve drugs, unreasonable menus, and questionable supplements.

VitaMist talks a lot about diet, exercise and especially nutrition, which makes sense given that they are a nutritional supplement company.  Diet, exercise, and proper nutrition are not all that you need for good health.  To be truly healthy requires taking care of your body, your mind, and your spirit.  Your diet, mood, cognitive ability, physical health, and immune health are in a complex balancing act.  Each one is connected to the others, having profound effects upon each other.  Healing one of these areas will benefit the others while neglecting any one of them can bring them all crashing down. 

President Deihl reiterated that VitaMist is, “… honored to receive the 2016 Product of the Year Award from an organization as caring, reputable and charitable as The World Massage Festival. VitaMist supports their mission and looks forward to many more years of making people healthy.”  He is scheduled to speak again at the 2017 World Massage Festival.

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