A Complicated Summer

As you know by now, the 2016 VitaMist Homecoming was canceled.  What you may not know is why.  Every business has to fight through complications, and this summer has been full of them.  Some of those complications have been positive.  For instance, VitaMist’s main office is almost finished relocating.  After twenty-six at our offices in Phoenix, VitaMist has moved to a new facility in Tempe.  While it’s only a ten-minute drive from our old facility, it is still a huge change for us.  There’s just so much that goes into moving to a new building.  On top of the furniture, files, and equipment that we moved, we had to tackle transferring our computer network, rewiring the electric and data connections in the new building, installing a new water purification system, installing the security system, setting up a new production facility… the list goes on and on.  In the end, though, the headache is well worth it.  Our new facility is newer, more modern, easier to maintain and in a great, high traffic location!  It was complicated, but also very exciting.


There are other complications in business and in life that are much harder to deal with.  Bill, my son and VitaMist’s President has been quite sick.  It’s a condition that has caused him several problems, which is the last thing any mother wants.  Complications like this are very stressful, and can leave you feeling powerless.  The most that I can do is wish and hope and pray for his health every day.


Nevertheless, it is just as important to stay positive about the troubling situations as it is the exciting ones.  Your positivity and optimism influence the outcome more than you know.  Optimism also paints the days you spend dealing with an issue in a positive light.  It’s important to remember that we live every day one at a time.  Wishing for a happy ending will not lead to a happy life because most of life is the ‘during,’ not the ‘ending.’  We must be positive throughout each day, even during the most stressful complications.  That’s the key to long lasting happiness and success.

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