A Phoenix In Phoenix

One man’s dream that turned into a family’s dedication is now, today, becoming a cause for so many around the world.

VitaMist was invented by the late Joseph A. Deihl, a man with a dream. He stuck with his dream, and watched it become a reality with the opening of Mayor Pharmaceutical Laboratories, the only spray vitamin manufacturer in the world.

Over the years Joe Deihl has been called many things, from a snake oil salesman, to a motivator, inventor, and genius. There is no denying his true genius. He took the purest vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and put them into liquid form. This liquid was then sprayed directly into the mouth, thus allowing for faster absorption by distributing the nutrients across multiple absorption sites. This contrasts with products that rely upon a slow digestive and absorption process.

With this invention, Joseph Deihl had developed the highest form of non-medical delivery device in the world. It represents the hi-tech way to take your vitamins. This invention was a spray vitamin (named VitaMist) for which he was awarded both US and International Patents. The discovery was more than 20 years before its time, because only today has medical industry finally caught up, with the development of spray insulin, spray nitroglycerin, spray flu vaccine, and spray antibiotics.

As a result of his efforts in developing VitaMist and establishing multiple worldwide Patents, Joseph Deihl was awarded The Congressional Medal Of Freedom, the highest award a civilian can receive from the United States Congress.

Why hasn’t this invention taken over the world of nutrition until now? It is, after all, a better way to take your vitamins, a better mousetrap, if you will. The answer is timing; we live in a pill oriented society. Or rather, it would probably be better to say “it WAS a pill oriented society”. We are going through a paradigm shift as we speak.

The history of VitaMist is like a roller coaster, frequently looking like the ride was coming to an end, and never more so than when Joseph Deihl passed away at the beginning of 2006. Just as the story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so is the story of Mayor Pharmaceutical Laboratories and VitaMist, starting to rise as a new and stronger bird under the leadership of VitaMist President, William M. Deihl, the son of Joseph Deihl. “We have made a commitment to make VitaMist a Billion Dollar a year business in the next 5 years.”-William Deihl.

VitaMist is conducting a leadership search around the country and the world. Pill companies and other critics of VitaMist are now being shown that this is a company based on true science and innovation, not to mention true grit.


Some of the major accomplishments of Mayor Pharmaceutical Labs and VitaMist include…

  • Publication in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) as the best way to absorb vitamins
  • Added to the red book for insurance reimbursement and coverage
  • PBS featured story on the American Medical Review
  • News broadcasts on ABC, CBS, WGN, CNN, Disney, Unavision, FOX and most recently on NBC.
  • Featured on over 2500 radio stations
  • Articles on VitaMist in the LA Times, Prevention, the Enquirer, and Forbes
  • The only supplement featured on Drugs.com
  • Named 2016 Product of the Year by the World Massage Festival
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