Are You Making Every Day Count?

Valentine’s Day and leap year are here, and are you Making Every day Count?

If you have a desired goal in your life then ask yourself, “Am I making everyday count?”. People often wait for an ideal condition but there is never an ideal condition in life. You must put efforts in spite of the bad conditions.

The tough and adverse situations in our life test our character and those who can stand these situations are the winners whereas others breakdown and quit because they are not willing to pay what it takes to be a winner. Losers are always looking for easy way out but the fact of life is nothing comes easy, you have to earn it.

“A race in Olympics lasts for less than 15 sec. but an athlete has to train for years everyday for hours to be able to compete in Olympics.”

If an athlete is not sincere in his practice and tends to skip his practices thinking that Olympics is still years away then he won’t be able to even qualify for the event.

A person can lie to others but cannot lie from himself, ask yourself if you have been sincere enough to work for your goals. Dreaming and thinking about your goals will not yield anything except frustration until you put required efforts.

“Winners don’t wait for things to happen, they put efforts and make things happen. A loser waits for things to happen while others around him pass him by.”

A loser makes excuses like there is not enough time, the time is not right and if he has enough time he will keep delaying it saying there is lot of time left and ends up with incomplete tasks.

I myself felt I was a lazy person till I realized enough was enough and it’s time to take some responsibility and prove my worth. I believe there is always time to change and live as if it’s your last day and give it all you have in you and make sure your every day counts.

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