Baseball Diamond Prospecting

Here is a very effective sample script of how to prospect/build your home business. This is specifically targeting people that already know you.

1st Base

Contacting & qualifying with questions

Call your contact/prospect. Ask if you caught them at a good time., and if they say yes, you say, “Let me ask you a silly question…”

“How many people do you know that are interested in improving their health AND in saving money.”

Wait for response and then agree with them saying something like, “Almost everyone, right?” Then immediately move on with the script. If they hesitate during any of these initial questions, just keep it light and say something like, “Hey, I told you it was a silly question, but bear with me, this will make sense in a minute.”

If they respond positively or are curious, tell them,

“Hold on the line a moment, there is something you need to hear.”  Using your phone’s 3-way capabilities, take them to your sponsor make sure you have their number.

After the Call

“Alright __________! Tell me, what did you like most about that message? Great! Let me ask you, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the high; where would you rate your level of interest on learning more?”

If they say 5 or below, you say, “Tell you what_________, I just got started with this business and am looking to build it very fast, and thought that this might have been something that you would be interested in. But it sounds like this might not be right for you at this time. Do you have a pen and paper handy? Write down this website, it’s (Give them your info site URL).”

“Feel free to check out that website and let me know if you have any questions or see anything you like. Do you have any questions for me right now? Okay then _______, I appreciate your time. Good to talk to you. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again, bye.”

By saying this above… it is the ultimate take away with the prospect… I have had prospects call me back after a few days or a few weeks. It also helps you keep a very Positive Attitude because the prospect didn’t tell you No. You took it away from them! If they are not a 6 or higher on their level of interest right now, you will frustrate your prospect and yourself if you try to force or CON-vince them into joining at this time. It is better to get off the phone with them now, and then check back in about 6 months when the timing might be better. Nobody likes to try and push a parked car that has the emergency brake on. Trust me; move on to the next prospect.

If they are a 6-10, move to…

2nd Base

Exposing them to the business plan

Tell your prospect, “Are you near a computer with an internet connection?”

If they are not near a computer, ask them when they will be, and then tell them you have an email that you want to send them, and some material you would like to drop off for them to go through, and then set up a time to get that to them and a time for a follow up appointment.

If they say yes, you say, “Great! There’s something I want you to take a look at! Go to (Give them your info site URL). Go through this website and check out the information provided. Pay special attention to the videos. I have some product samples and additional material that you should really go through as well. I could swing by your place right now and drop them off for you to go through and then we could see what you think in a day or so. Now, I don’t have a lot of time to go over too much of this with you right now, but would it be okay if I drive over to your house to at least drop this material off?”

If they ask you, “What is it? Or could you tell me more about this?” Be sure to keep your tone light and fun and say something like, “You’ll find that the website and other material will answer most of your questions. And actually, I’d like to set up a time to get together and answer any additional questions you have after you go through some of this material I have for you. Would there be a convenient time in the next day or so to do that?”

The follow up is crucial!!! Set a FIRM but friendly time to follow up. I have seen so many people do a phenomenal job doing everything but the follow up, and then they wonder why they aren’t having any success. This will work if you FOLLOW UP.

When you get to their house, make it very clear that you are NOT going to explain the business right there on the spot (You will drastically reduce your chances of success if you do!). A very simple way to do that is to tell them right when they answer the door, “I’m sorry I don’t have time to go over this with you now, but here is the material (Intro-pack, catalog, product samples, or other marketing material) I told you I would bring over. You’ll find that the website and all of this material will answer most of your questions. And actually, I’d like to set up a time to get together and answer any additional questions you have after you go through all of this. Would there be a convenient time in the next day or so to do that?”

Thank them for their time, confirm the day and time of the follow-up, and get out of there!

3rd Base


Have your sponsor or other upline team leader on the phone with you, or in person when you follow-up with your prospects. This will increase your likelihood of success and boost your confidence!

This is where you thank your prospect for taking time for the follow-up; introduce your prospect to your upline (Be sure to edify your leader, “This is my friend and successful business partner…”), and then let your upline do all of the talking from there. Your job at this point is to zip your lip and NOT open up unless you are asked a question by your upline. This will prevent you from messing up your upline’s rhythm, as well as show proper respect for your upline’s presentation, and it also gives you a great chance for “On the Job” training. Take notes if possible.

Once your upline has gone through everything and all questions have been answered, the leader may commit them to taking action and signing up. If your prospect is agreeable to this, your upline will turn them back over to you to walk them through the enrollment process. You are now ready for…

Home Plate

Sign Them Up!

Take your prospect to your member website, have them click on “ENROLL,” and then walk them through each step as they enter in all of the necessary information to join.

Be sure to have them get set up on Wellness program (auto ship) so they will enjoy the ongoing benefits of your company’s product or service (and so that you ensure that you will receive residual income). Make sure they have all of your contact information as well as your upline’s, set up a time for their first training session, and then congratulate them on joining. It is crucial at this point that you end on a very positive note and that they are very excited about the opportunity. It is recommended to have them not speak to anyone about this business opportunity until they complete their first training session (Unless they are already very experienced in sales and/or network marketing).

Their first training session will cover how to approach people, overcome objections, set up a game plan, etc. If they start talking to people before their first training session and are unprepared, they might face rejection, become very embarrassed and decide to quit before they even get started. Prepare them for this and set up a time to complete their first training session within the next 48 hours.

That’s it!

Congratulations on your new Sign-Up!

The Baseball Diamond method for prospecting has proven to be very effective! There are dozens of individuals in the Network Marketing industry that have built up businesses that generate six and seven figures per year by using this method! It has worked in the past and can work for you if you use it correctly and consistently!

If you are too shy or uncomfortable…

If you are too shy to use the Baseball Diamond method, just do whatever it takes (in a responsible way) to put a prospect on the phone with your upline. Let your upline do the work, you just provide the people. That’s easy enough, isn’t it?

Good luck with your prospecting!
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