Become an Effective Leader

Here are a few simple tips that will help YOU become an effective leader.  Take the time to read them and put them into practice in your daily life.  You will quickly notice the difference in the way people respond to you and how they listen more intently to your message.

Effective Leaders do not “Look out for Number One”

Instead, effective VitaMist® Leaders focus on goals and on growing their team and business. Effective leaders are outward focused, which means they tend to be people-friendly, loyal, and eager to help their team.

Effective Leaders understand how to follow

VitaMist® leaders put themselves into their team members’ shoes to see things from their perspective. They allow their team members to arrive at their destination sooner, with better results, and as a part of a much happier team.

Effective Leaders know when NOT to be Competitive

The best thing they do for their team is make sure that everyone has access to the information that is going to help them build their team, by always sharing and giving advice that is going to develop them into leaders.  A truly great leader is not someone who is scared of competition.

Effective Leaders are considerate

The best leaders focus on making things better, not on being liked. This is achieved by treating everyone around them with kindness and consideration. Arrogance and rudeness are counterproductive and not acceptable in the VitaMist® family.

Effective Leaders attach deadlines to their goals

Achieving success requires a plan that is well thought out, written down and developed into specific objectives. Furthermore, those objectives must be communicated clearly to the team and have standards and deadlines attached.

Effective Leaders take follow-up to the next level

Serious follow-up involves much more than sending a series of urgent reminders. It requires willingness to set aside time to make sure the objective is clearly understood, and to discuss and review any information with a prospect or a team member.

Effective Leaders create a culture of accountability

If you expect your team and business to grow, you have to develop a sense of accountability for yourself as well as your team members. If you’re not accountable for your actions your team will not be accountable for theirs. Make them aware of what they are responsible for and how they are going to go about growing their business.

Effective Leaders don’t try to control everything

If you want to be a strong leader, you must learn to give up control over certain tasks. Delegation is an essential leadership quality because it frees up time for the things you should be focusing on – like growing your team and your business.

Effective Leaders listen as well as talk

You don’t have to be the world’s most sympathetic listener to be a great leader, but you must learn to listen. Effective VitaMist® Leaders listen first. After they’re done listening, they listen some more. When they speak, they measure their words, realizing that saying more often means saying less. VitaMist® leaders do all this while paying attention to their team members’ concerns and interests.

Effective Leaders understand Teamwork

Successful VitaMist® Leaders treat all of their team members with equal respect, but have different expectations for each one. Those expectations are based on individual performance, not idealistic beliefs.

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