Blogging 101

A blog is a type of website where there are regular updates with commentary either about something personal, something public, or a combination of both.  It can be used as a public online diary, or a method to talk about a subject such as a political affiliation, games, health, and so on.

As a member of the VitaMist® distributor family, you can use a blog to talk about the products that you sell, the changes in your life that have occurred as a result of you becoming a member of our family or any topic that you wish.  Using a blog means that you can increase your exposure on the Internet and make it easier to educate people in the benefits of the VitaMist products as well as improve your networking and increase your personal organization size.

Finding a home

When you have chosen to take the next step in your business and open up a VitaMist related blog, you will need to find a suitable home for your blog.

Some popular free blog hosts are:

You will want to find a place that offers features that look appealing to you, and is easy to work with, so it is best to check out multiple blog hosts to see what they have and if they are a good fit for you.

Some features are basic, like good text editors built into their site, and some are more advanced, such as allowing you to post by sending an email to a special address, or connecting your blog to other social media sites such as Facebook, Livejournal, Twitter, etc.

Moving In

After you have made your decision, you are going to need to sign up.  Usually the signup process is fairly easy.  You will give them your name, email address and some other information.  You will need to choose a name to be known by and log in with.  Make sure that the name that you choose is easy to remember to make it easy for your readers to find you and get back to your blog.

Make sure that you keep track of the username that you chose, the password, and the URL they gave you for your blog site.  Keep this information secure, and don’t share your password with anyone.

After you have created your account, you will typically have the opportunity to select a template for your blog.  A template is just a standardized look and feel for your pages, and it makes it easy for you to have a creative site that reflects your personality with minimal work.  Some places will even allow you to create your own template if you are familiar with working with HTML.  Look through the templates that they offer and try to find one that works for you, and produces easy to read pages and select it.

Start Blogging

After you have completed these steps, I recommend that you make an introductory post that tells your new readers who you are and some things about yourself.

One of the most important things to remember is that you should set a schedule for blogging.  If you want to make a post every day, make sure that you always make a post every day.  If you choose to only post once a week, pick a day and stick with that day.  Being consistent and reliable allows your readers to know when to come back to see what you have written, as well as gets you into the habit of regularly posting.  If you can’t keep a scheduled day, make sure you let them know when your next update will be and stick to it.

Blogging can be a simple tool to bring yourself and the things that you talk about more exposure.  It can also be a very powerful and advanced tool to accomplish this as you become more experienced using the tools they provide you.

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