Build Bridges Into The Future

Imagine seeing yourself in that situation interacting with another person using new behaviors.

Simply allow yourself to see and hear that interaction.

Now step into yourself and experience what it will actually be like in reality. What will you see, hear and feel as you are interact with this person?


What is the first thing you see or hear that will allow you to know it is appropriate to use the new behavior?

Run through the ‘New Behavior Generator’ steps above with a few more situations because doing this now will allow your unconscious to generalize the new behavior.

And to help you get into the habit of enriching your life more often I suggest you put a note on your calendar to practice techniques, like the one above, in say, seven days time.

To end this little article I’d like to present you with
another quote from ‘Frogs into Princes’ which sums up the enrichment approach nicely:

“When I was first doing coaching a man came in and said, ‘I want to have better relationships with people.’ I said, ‘Oh, so you have trouble relating to people?’ He said ‘No, I get along fine with people. I enjoy my relationships a lot. – I’d like to be able to do it even better.’”

PS: I use NLP as a major tool in creating my life success as it is a very useful and powerful self help technique. It is a self help skill that I recommend everyone should at least know the basics of – if they want any real success in their lives, that is one of reasons we will be training some of this at our VitaMist August Home Coming event here in Phoenix!

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