Dear Vitamist Family

Here at VitaMist, our goal is to teach and encourage leadership.

When we call someone a leader, what we generally mean is that they are the best in their particular field; they are inspiring because of how much they accomplish.  However that isn’t really what true leadership is all about. 

True leaders are not just high achievers; they also support the people around them to achieve, and, in many cases, to become leaders themselves.

In other words, true leaders do not create a static group of followers. Rather, they create an environment in which everyone can develop their own potential.

Not everybody is cut out to be a leader, but most of us have the potential to serve, at some time, in a leadership role.

It is also quit possible that we will determine that our gifts are best applied in a supporting role. Supporting the efforts of those leaders, whose vision we admire. 

In this case, we can ensure that our energy is best applied by holding the person we work with to a high standard of leadership.

Whichever role fits you the best, we will try to help you cultivate your abilities to guarantee that you will be appreciated. 

Whether you are a leader or a supporter…you are equally important here at VitaMist.


From My Heart With LOV,


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