Don’t Look Worried, Be Happy!

Have you ever watched a television program and wondered how the actors can portray different characters with such believability that we are convinced they are the person they are depicting?  For example, when a male actor and female actor are in an emotional scene where the man breaks the lady’s heart.  Tears of sadness streams from her eyes as their faces contorted with hurt and anguish.  The action is so ‘real’ that you almost start crying yourself.  Or, we witness a happy ending, and we laugh with happiness or cry from joy along with the actors.

 Are the actors really feeling the emotions attached to these powerful portrayals?  One might believe that an experienced actor can give the appearance of experiencing emotions without actually feeling them.  There is no doubt that some actors are so well trained that they convey what would appear to be the true meaning and emotion of the scene.  On the other hand, there are also those actors that do not have the ability to relay those deeply intense feelings, so they appear somewhat shallow and insincere.

What does this all have to do with you and your VitaMist business?  Truth be told, we are all actors on the ‘Stage of Life’. Many of the same principles that are used theatre and film are used in life itself.  Case in point, we all know from our past talks that we can choose how we feel from day to day, and from minute to minute.  “If it is to be, it is up to me.”  For example, you wake up in the morning, and you say to yourself, “Today is going to be a great day!”  Then, with your mind programmed you allow yourself to feel the way you are supposed to, you end up having an exciting and wonderful day. Recently I noticed a sign in someone’s office that stated, “You do not sing because you are happy, we are happy because we sing.”  But you might be saying to yourself, “I never feel happy, yet I have good feelings”. Well, if you are waiting for the feeling to come to you automatically, then you will be in the queue for a long time, and are likely be disappointed.  Only you can control your attitude and how your day will go, so take action today!

It takes practice to feel good, both about yourself and about life.  Before the real thing comes, you must first learn how to act the way you want to feel.  Positive actions will create positive feelings.  Actions are the words you speak; your body movements; your eye contact; your breath, and even your posture. In summary, the inspiration for a happy feeling is doing things that bring about a happy response.

Recently I was at a large dinner party, so large that there were about 40 different tables to seat the entire group.  Each table of guests was deep into their conversations when suddenly one of the groups exploded with laughter.  At first, the sudden burst of noise was distracting to the entire room, but soon everyone calmed down.  Seconds later, the same group of guest exploded again with laughter and the giggles continued… so that the table of guest next to the joy makers began laughing too.  Then another table, and another and soon the guest at my table were laughing out loud, so loud that I began laughing.  “What were we laughing about?” you may ask.  To this day, I could not tell you.  The fact is, we were laughing because others were laughing.  You have all had experiences like this – whether is has been carried away with laughter, or shedding a few tears.  Try it yourself; act happy and watch the doors of joy open before you.  Don’t wait for others in life to make you happy.  You are in control of your giggle-box, so die laughing today.

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