Expo Marks the Spot

Microsoft, Apple, Walmart, General Motors, and countless other fortune 500 companies would be the first to say it: exhibiting pays off. Expos (trade shows, conventions, etc.) enable you to share your business opportunity with a qualified, captive audience, often at a reasonable price.

Thousands of expos are held throughout the year, across America and around the world.  Attendance at these shows varies.  While some may draw only a handful of people, some may bring in 50 or even 100 thousand consumers, all with similar tastes, hobbies or preferences.

So how do you prepare for an expo?  It’s not as hard as you may think.  VitaMist has numerous materials you can use to give your booth the professional edge, including banners, pamphlets, catalogs and more.  A properly set up booth can draw people in and get the results you want!

Many expos have themes.  Healthcare and entrepreneurial shows are ideal for VitaMist distributors, and can be a profitable investment in the long run.  Increased product awareness, product recognition, and a number of solid leads are just some of the benefits.

Below are some expos that will take place across America in the coming the months, along with the website you can use to get more information.  Prices vary depending on the size of the show location, booth size, etc.

Good luck!

Natural Product Expo West www.expowest.com
Anaheim March 8-12
Natural Product Expo East www.expoeast.com
Baltimore September 13-16
The Fit Expo thefitexpo.com
Chicago May 6-7
San Jose July 29-30
Anaheim August 26-27
Ft. Lauderdale Oct. 21-22
Small Business Expo www.thesmallbusinessexpo.com
Philadelphia March 8
Boston April 13
Washington D.C. April 19
New York City May 11
Minneapolis May 18
Chicago June 1
Denver June 22

July 13

San Francisco August 17
Phoenix August 31
Los Angeles September 14
San Diego September 21
Austin October 3
Houston October 19
Tampa October 26
Atlanta November 9
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