First Impressions

Did you ever hear the expression “you only have one chance to make a first impression”?  Well, it’s true, and that first impression that you leave with anyone you meet is THE most important.  If you want to share VitaMist with other people, the way you approach them on your first meeting will determine the success (or otherwise) of the relationship. 

So here are a few tips to help you leave a great first impression.
These days, being good is not good enough; you have to be the best.

What should I wear?

Dress your best! Even in these days of increasingly casual corporate dress, people representing a company are usually expected to look sharp. A man should wear a tie and jacket. A woman should dress similarly and conservatively. Women should wear minimal jewelry and keep their makeup simple. If the prospect that you are calling on will be wearing a suit, you should as well. Remember, you can’t go wrong by dressing your best.

When should I arrive?

Arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you arrive any earlier, sit and read in your car or go to a coffee shop to set up the meeting spot. If you are meeting at a house or office, arriving too early may make you seem overeager and put too much pressure on the person you are meeting to see you earlier than the appointed time.

Should I invite the prospect out to lunch?

If your appointment is before lunch and you are building a good rapport with the prospect, inviting them to lunch is often a good way to improve the relationship. But if rapport is developing slowly, a lunch invitation may seem awkward and weaken your standing.

Should I stick to business on the first visit?

On an in-person visit, try to talk at least briefly about a non-business topic. This tactic will usually make everyone feel more at ease and may even relax the prospective client into being more open-minded about your product. Try to discuss a non-controversial trend in the industry or a personal hobby. But don’t force conversation in this direction if the prospect doesn’t seem interested. Don’t let non-business conversations take over.

When should I try to close?

Your best chance for closing will occur after you have established a good rapport and presented your product or service as carefully as possible. Determine in advance how much time you will have with the prospect. Always make sure you know what your time allotment will be and then try to time your first attempt at closing about three-quarters of the way through your appointment. This will maximize your time for making the presentation while allowing you plenty of time to discuss any objections.

The great advantage of face-to-face meetings is that you can read body language.  Is the prospect listening? Which points does he or she seem to pay the most attention to? This helps to focus your presentation.

Don’t forget, if you feel that a sale isn’t forthcoming, you should always try for another goal, for example, a trial of the products, or a follow-up meeting.

Remember, it is much easier to share VitaMist in person than it is over the phone!
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