Helping Your Immune System

School is in session and autumn is here.  You know what that means… time to build a healthy immune system.  With more exposure to infections at school and flu season upon us, here are some great tips on how to try and prevent infection.   A good diet, adequate sleep, regular physical activity and a few herbal allies of your choice may help keep your immune system running properly.  A good way to start off is with our product of the month, Echinacea+G.

As we get deeper into October, it triggers many memories for me.  October, 20th is my wedding Anniversary and if Joe was still here, we would be celebrating our 50th Anniversary.  On the weekend before Halloween we would’ve been celebrating with a huge party (distributors were always included) as we did for so many years before his death.  Things have changed over the years; VitaMist® continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  I constantly hear so many new and excited voices on our conference calls, new names are joining every day.  And for that reason I would like to say to each and every one of you welcome.  Welcome to our family.

Excerpt from: “Where I belong” by Jeanette Lopez

For my whole life
I have never felt at home in my own home
Never spent it laughing the whole day long
Never stopped the crying
But I have often dreamed
Of a far away place
Filled with people who cheer for me
Whenever they see my face
Welcoming me
With the warmest of welcomes
And deep down inside
I can hear the voices telling me
This is where I’m meant to be.


This is VitaMist®
This is where you belong

From My Heart With



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