Here Comes Halloween!

October always seem to get me excited because it has one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.  For at least 15 years my husband and I held Halloween parties at our home.  For those of you who were members of our VitaMist family in those days, I’m sure you remember being there.

October and Halloween also means CANDY, CANDY, CANDY and more CANDY! Have you noticed that every year it’s the same?  We buy the candy in bulk well before the trick-or-treaters show up, and then we start eating it OURSELVES!  Our workplaces are full of those delicious treats. In fact, everywhere we go there seems to be bowl after bowl of CANDY!  We always seem to say to ourselves “I’ll just take one!”  But somehow that one piece turns into many.

Eventually all those “just ones” add up… around our middles.

So this year VitaMIst has a better suggestion.  Instead of unwrapping another candy bar, which you just KNOW you are going to regret, why not spray a couple of shots of Slender-Mist Chocolate Fudge!  TRY IT!  You get the taste, the mouth feel, the sensation – WITHOUT THE CALORIES!

Here is another great idea!!   How about giving away coupons with that candy you are handing out.  To help get your good habits started, we have designed a beautiful Coupon for any Slender-Mist product, that you can give away to everybody for Halloween.  The coupons are in full color on both sides, and can be customized for a small fee.  Call Customer Service to find out more. 1 (800) 582-5273.


From My Heart With LOV – Sari


P.S. Happy ’52’ years Joe!!

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