Holiday Traditions

Dear VitaMist Family,

On December 25th, we will be joining our family and love ones by sitting down for Christmas Dinner.  I know I am and I am sure we are all very, very grateful for what we have in our lives.  I think Christmas is my favorite holiday.  At no other point in the year are traditions more deeply rooted than on this special day.  Whether it is decorating the entire house, putting up Christmas lights, shopping for the people you love, preparing your classic Christmas meal, humming along to Christmas music, or occasionally belting out a few lyrics yourself.  The fact that we are doing this with the people we love is what makes Christmas mean so much to me.

Doing all of these things with family only makes this season more magical, and since all of you are part of my family, I want to share these joys with you.  I ask you to do me a favor and brighten up my holiday.  Share your Christmas traditions with the rest of the VitaMist family and me on Facebook.  Whether it is a story, a fond memory, photos of your decorations, or video of your lighting extravaganza.  I would love to see it all.  You can post your traditions directly to, or better yet, post it as your status, then click “share” and send it to us.  The latter will help spread the Christmas spirit not just to the VitaMist family, but also to all of your friends and family!

Then, in keeping with a timeless Christmas tradition, I will be giving out Christmas gifts.  Three family members who share their holiday traditions will be chosen to receive a free VitaMist product.  We will also feature your holiday traditions in the January issue of The VitaMist View.  Multiple entries aren’t just allowed; they’re encouraged!

Merry Christmas!   ●   Happy Holidays!   ●   And a Very Happy New Year!


From My Heart With LOV ♥ Sari

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