How exactly is network marketing like marriage?

Let’s look at how we chose our spouse. Most people do not walk up to a stranger because they look good on the outside and marry them right there on the spot. Most people look for other qualities in a person before deciding to marry them.

If you did marry a person the first day you met them, can it work? Sure it can. You could marry the most incompatible person you can think of and make it last, but how rewarding would it be? What kind of life would you live? Would you wake up in 20 years and think, “Wow, this just isn’t working for me”? More than likely, you wouldn’t last that long. You might last a year or two, and realize this person just isn’t right for you, so you move on. Again you marry the next best thing that you see, and again you find out afterwards that you aren’t compatible. You keep doing this over and over and over again. You do this for many years and finally give up and think, wow marriage just isn’t for me. It never works for me.

Bride and Groom

Now let’s compare network marketing. You are presented with an opportunity and think, “Man this opportunity LOOKS beautiful.” So you jump in with both feet and marry it. Can it last? Sure, after all, you can make ANYTHING last, but will it be rewarding?

You find out it’s going to take you at least 1,800 dollars to make enough for you to quit your real job. So you move on and marry the next best thing that you see.  20 years later, IF you stick it out that long, you quit and say, “Wow network marketing stinks and it just isn’t for me”.

Obviously most people are not going to just pick someone from a crowd and marry them. You will date the person for a while to make sure you both have similar wants and desires in life. You might date several people before you find the ONE that you want to marry. You still have to work a your marriage, but 20 years down the road you have a solid, rewarding relationship.

But without dating, you can’t find out if this person is right for you. Find out if they are “the one” for you. So in network marketing how can we date our opportunity, you might ask? Every company you are curious about has a few things that you can look at to see if it is the right fit for you. One thing is your contract with them, the policies and procedures. I can guarantee you that almost 99% of people that join companies don’t read their contract. This is like getting married without knowing who you are getting married to. Those who do skim through the contract, don’t understand it and sign up anyway so they don’t look silly for not understanding them. So here is what you want to do, read them, if you don’t agree with them or don’t understand them, find someone who is in that company to help you understand them. At least then you can go into the business with a clear understanding of what is expected of you and what you can expect in return.

Another thing you want to do is understand how you are  going to be getting paid. Would you ever start a job without  knowing how much they were going to pay you? No! You have bills to pay, kids to feed and clothe, you have to know how  much money you are going to be making. This is the same in  network marketing companies. Find out how the compensa- tion plan works, again if you don’t understand it or it is comp cated; get someone who knows how to read them to explain it to you. Someone, again, that is in that company. You need  a person with an understanding of the business to help you.  While looking at the plan make sure you figure out how many people you have to have in your business before you make  enough money to replace your current income, or how many you need to make the amount of money you are looking for.

Most people are very smart, they look before they leap, in to marriage, jobs and so many other choices they make. But the let BIG promises sway them on their decisions about starting their network marketing business. They jump into everything they see without ever “dating” them first.

Find out the facts before you jump into yet another incompatible marriage.

This information is the difference between a long lasting marriage or having it end in 6 months to a year. It is up to you to decide how you do your business, but try and remember you want this to be a long lasting venture, not something that ends in 6 months.

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