How I Lost Over 100 lbs

I have over the years been asked how did I loss all that weight?  How long did it take? How much exercise did I do?

First and foremost I used VitaMist products: The Core 4 which are Multiple, Mineral, C+Zinc and B12-500 plus the Slender-Mist Berry. The Core 4 fed my body and brain so I didn’t have the craving from not having all the nutrients I needed. The Slender-Mist Berry helped me on my weight loss journey as a tool to help me eat right.

It only took just under a year for me to lose all the weight because I wanted to take off the extra pounds the healthy way.Bill Deihl

About exercising: At first I only walked, but I walked with a goal in mind. My goal was 10,000 steps a day. The Japanese first started using the 10,000 steps a day number as part of a marketing campaign! (To help sell pedometers).  Since that initial campaign; however, medical authorities around the world have agreed that 10,000 is a healthy number to aim for. The American Heart Association uses the 10,000 steps metric as a guideline to follow for improving health and decreasing risk of heart disease, the number one killer of men and women in America.

10,000 steps a day is a rough equivalent to the Surgeon General’s recommendation to accumulate 30 minutes of activity most days of the week. It should be enough to reduce your risk for disease and help you lead a longer, healthier life. The benefits are many:  lower BMI, reduced waist size, increased energy, and less risk for Type II diabetes and heart disease.  In fact, a recent study of the 10,000 steps a day method reported conclusive health benefits.

A reasonable goal for most people is to increase average daily steps each week by 500 per day until you can easily average 10,000 per day. Example: If you currently average 3000 steps each day as most people do, your goal for week one is 3500 each day. Your week 2 goal is 4000 each day. Continue to increase each week and you should be averaging 10,000 steps by the end of 14 weeks.

10,000 steps daily is approximately 5 miles.  Unless you have a very active lifestyle or profession, you probably don’t reach 10,000 steps on a given day without putting some effort into your activity.  This could be a lifestyle change such as walking to work, or the addition of an exercise routine to your day.

There are many ways to increase your daily steps. Use your imagination and come up with your own list:

  • Take a walk with your spouse, child, or friend
  • Walk the dog
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park farther from the store
  • Better yet, walk to the store
  • Get up to change the channel
  • Window shop
  • Plan a walking meeting
  • Walk over to visit a neighbor
  • Get outside to walk around the garden or do a little weeding

If you are in very poor physical condition, as I was, or at any point you feel that you are progressing too rapidly, slow down a bit and try smaller increases. If you have any health concerns, seek your physician’s advice prior to starting or changing your exercise routine.

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