How Long Do You Have to Work Out to See Results?

The truth is, the weight didn’t come on overnight, so it is going to take you longer to see the results you want to see than you think it will. The good news is that by eating healthy and exercising, you can maximize fat loss and produce the results you want to get your best body ever.


Measuring & Tracking your Results

The scale is not the only way to measure your training results. In fact, the scale is likely one of the worst ways to measure your results. If you are weighing yourself everyday to see if you lost a pound, you are only fooling yourself. Water retention can cause your body weight to fluctuate by 2-3 pounds daily!


Best Methods to Track Results

Take pictures: This is my personal favorite when it comes to tracking your workout results.Take pictures on a weekly basis, and the weekly pictures will keep you motivated in a couple of ways. If you know you have to take pictures on Sunday, you’re less likely to skip workouts or cheat on your diet. You will also see the weekly changes in your body and have the proof that your workouts are doing their job.  This can be a real motivational factor, and make you stick with it, which is the most important part of a workout & diet plan…  sticking with it.

Tape measure: Taking body part measurements will also let you know your body is getting smaller, even if your weight goes up.  This means you are building muscle while losing weight.

How your clothes fit: If you’re trying to lose weight, fitting into clothing that you once outgrew not only proves you lost weight, it also feels like a really great accomplish. There’s than better than having pants that used to feel snug slide off of your hips.

Go to the doctor: Exercising and eating better will not only affect the way you look on the outside. Have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked to see how much lower they are now from when you were sedentary. You just might be amazed by the improvement.

Improvement in daily activities: Sometimes you have the option to take the stairs or the elevator.  Always choose the stairs. After working out for a few weeks, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how your cardiovascular endurance has improved!

The mirror: Seeing is believing, and the mirror is a fantastic tool to measure your workout results.

Now that you know a few ways to track and measure your results, let’s take a look at how long it takes people on average to gain muscle, lose weight, improve cardiovascular endurance, and improve flexibility.


How Long Does It Take to Improve Flexibility?

Everyone can benefit from increased flexibility; it lowers your risk of injury and has been linked to increased life expectancy. Flexibility will increase greatly when you work at it, and most people report feeling more flexible within just 7 days!


How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight?

When you first start working out and eating better, you will likely see a big loss of weight within the first week as your healthy diet cleans out the toxins and water weight you have likely been holding on to. The most weight you ever want to be losing per week is about two pounds. More than this and there is more probability of muscle loss too.

One to two pounds of weight loss is optimal – if you are losing more than this amount of weight in a week, you are not as likely to keep it off. People who drop a ton of weight quickly frequently put it back on just as fast.


How Long Does it Take to Gain Muscle?

This question is much more difficult to answer and depends a lot on your genetics. But for the most part, men can expect to gain two to three pounds of lean muscle mass monthly with proper exercise and nutrition.

Women won’t put muscle mass on as fast as men do, as simply do not have high enough testosterone levels to build muscle quickly. Women can expect to add about one pound of lean muscle a month while weightlifting and eating healthy. Hear that ladies? You really have no reason to worry about building big bulky muscles!


How Long Does it Take to Improve Cardiovascular Health?

The improvement you feel in cardiovascular health once you begin exercising is my favorite. Cardiovascular health improvement comes quickly once you begin to work out on a consistent basis. Most people will see an improvement in cardiovascular health within one week of starting their workout program and very noticeable improvement within just three weeks time.


When Will Other People Notice My Results

If you are exercising regularly and paying attention to diet, other people will start noticing a change in you around the three week to one month mark. After about three months, you will start getting questions about what you’ve been doing, and that’s when people will really begin to compliment you!



Everyone and every body is different. Some people lose weight faster than others, some people put weight on more easily, some people build muscle much easier than others, some have super fast metabolisms, and some people are hard gainers in general. The most important thing to remember is that, in the end, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your metabolism is like, you can achieve your weight loss and fitness goals by taking it one day at a time and sticking with it!

Remember, the scale isn’t the best measurement of fitness success.

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