How to Approach a Spa With VitaMist

Approaching Spa to stock your product takes a professional and friendly approach.

Spas have limited shelf space and limited budgets to spend on introducing new products.  That makes it tough, but still very possible, for you to introduce VitaMist into a spa.  It pays to carefully plan a convincing presentation if you are going to be successful.  Spas like to see answers to 5 main questions when they take on a new product. Take your time and start small and get your products into small, local spas before approaching the major spas in your area.

Five key questions:
  • For how much do you recommend they sell the products?
  • For how much will you sell the products to the spa?
  • How should they promote the products in their spa?
  • Where do you suggest the product be displayed?
  • Why will your product sell more than their other products?

     Step 1

    Research your local spa and list the types of products that they offer.  Look for gaps where your product fits and where there are no competing products.  The products we have seen to be of the most interest are B-12 500, Vitamin D3, Slender Mist, and Sleep.  Each spa is different, so when possible take some time and speak to store customers and store owners to get their views on products.


    Step 2

    Demonstrate that your product sells; this is where your testimonials come into play.  Remember, when a spa is introducing a new product it represents a risk for them because they incur costs of buying, stocking and displaying the product.  They want to know that a new product will appeal to their customers.  That is why our ease, convenience, and speed of delivery, as well as our 31-year history, are very helpful.

    Step 3

    Show that there is consumer interest in your product.  There is plenty of information on nutritionals all over the Internet. is a great resource, and it will show how we are a perfect fit for spas.

    Step 4

    Prepare a detailed presentation on your product.  Make the initial presentation brief, because spa owners and buyers are busy people, but make sure you have all the facts on hand to answer their questions.  Your presentation should cover key points such as the target market for your product, reasons why the product will appeal to consumers, selling price and discount levels, volume levels that you can supply, and merchandise or other promotional support that they can get.

    Step 5

    Start by selling to small, local spas.  You may already be a customer and be familiar with the spa owners.  Learn from approaching local spas, and use the experience to fine-tune your presentation and deal with any problems that might inhibit sales.

    According to CNN Money, many spa buyers feel more confident doing business with someone, like a distributor, with whom they have an existing relationship, rather than dealing with an unknown person.  By knowing you, and have the perception that you’re knowledgeable and friendly, you’re already on your way to a new level of success.

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