How to Succeed with VitaMist in Today’s Market

Why will 97 out of every 100 people fail? What does the top 3% of the network marketing industry have that you don’t? It’s not because they run out of money. It’s not because they aren’t working hard enough. It’s not because they don’t have enough leads. It’s not because they aren’t pushing the product or the compensation plan. It’s not even because they are poor salesmen. The real reason why 97% of people fail is actually very simple.They don’t know how to succeed. That is because no one has ever taught them. Yes, companies and sponsors have training, but the culture and market have changed drastically, and most training programs are stuck in the Stone Age.

 Stop Playing Memory Games

You don’t have to remember everyone or anyone from your past or current life to succeed in this business. In fact, friends or family is a great way to get started and practice how to talk to people about the business

 Throw Rejection out the Window

Constant rejection is a great way to become so emotionally exhausted in this business that you can’t go on anymore. However, with the right marketing and a built-in funnel system, the only people you ever need to talk to are the ones who are looking to join your team. All you need is a Lead Capture Page like the VitaMist builder page with a high conversion rate. The systems, when used properly, will weed out those who are a waste of your time and energy, and instead bring to the table only the leads that you really want to talk to. If you’re still chasing down rejection after rejection– stop! Learn how to make your leads chase you.

 Grow Relationships Instead of Harvesting Them

You may have heard that in network marketing we are in the business of relationships. Well, that may be true, but what you haven’t heard is what, exactly, our business of relationships is. Let me explain. Most people, upon entering the “business of relationships”, immediately begin trying to harvest all of their current relationships for a business partnership. Instead of attempting to harvest the relationships you already have for business purposes, work on growing new relationships with the expressed purpose of “harvesting” that relationship at a later time.

 Realize That Your Best Prospects Have Already Been Sold

It seems a little counter intuitive, but your best prospects are those who are already sold. These are the people who are already in an MLM company, have been in the past or that take nutritional supplements. You see, if someone is already in network marketing, they have no hesitancy about the legitimacy or the potential of the industry. They know how it works, and they know what a great opportunity it is. You want to target prospects that have already been sold on what you have to offer. Otherwise you are going to be spending your days debating and chasing leads who only mock your arguments, and who have nothing constructive to say about your business. Focus on the 97% of network marketers who are floundering in their current business and looking for help.

 Sell Yourself Instead of Your Company

Your company is out to make a name for itself, and while I certainly can’t blame it for that, what good does branding your company do for your business? Diddlysquat. No matter how great your product is, or how lucrative your compensation plan, you will never get ahead in network marketing if you continue to push your company’s product line and business model, because that’s what everyone is doing! And is it working? 97% would say no. So what should you do instead? Obviously, we need the company, and we need to sell their products or we don’t get paid. But if you are selling for the company that isn’t really being in business for yourself, is it? The alternative? Sell yourself. Brand yourself. Tell everyone what you have to offer them. What skills and knowledge can you give that will help those 97% of people who are failing turn their business around and succeed? People need someone to show them how to make the business they have work. If you can do that, prospects will be clamoring to join your team. Not because you have the best compensation plan, but because you know how to use it.

 Create Your Own Loyal Following

In order to keep track of all these new friends you are making, while teaching them to use their compensation plan properly, you need your very own list. People don’t want to be sold, they want to be helped. In order to sell your opportunity you must first put it aside and be of value to the other person. This is the concept of building a relationship first. After all, would you ask a complete stranger to enter into a business contract with you? Of course not! First you have to build a level of trust and confidence. You have to prove yourself to be an able leader before asking others to follow you. The best way to do this is to build your list. By using squeeze pages to capture the names and emails of your leads, you will be able to continually follow up with them and send them valuable information and resources to help them build their business. A list brands you and enlists loyal followers who will gladly pull out their wallets and jump on board whatever opportunity you embark on.

 Make Your Prospects Chase You

Chasing after your leads and begging people to join your business is only going to get you… well… nowhere. Remember, we are not selling our company, we are selling our leadership. What kind of leader needs to beg for followers? If you are not coming from a position of strength, you will not attract people to join your business. Offer your prospects value and assistance in growing their business. Show them that you have what it takes not only to succeed yourself, but to show them the path to success as well. During the course of the relationship you can make your opportunity known, but don’t feel the need to sell it to them overtly. If you follow these principles, you won’t have to anyway. If you know what you’re doing your actions will do all the selling for you.

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