How You Can Find Your Independence With Vitamist

I’d like to discuss 10 of the key benefits, and how the VitaMist program is great business opportunity. Use these benefits to promote your VitaMist business and to recruit anyone in your organization.

  1. Low Risk: There is a certain amount of inherent risk involved when you become an entrepreneur.

We are confronted with losing money, wasting time, not profiting right away, and more. In a traditional brick and mortal business, the startup cost associated with opening that business is what holds many people back from becoming the creators of their own destiny.

People do not like risk and try to avoid it by all means. We’d like a “guaranteed bet” and stay within “our safe zone”. In business, you don’t eliminate risks; you learn to minimize them.

The advantage of starting an VitaMist business is that there is a small risk to get started. With as little as $50, it is possible to get you going, marketing products that you consume already. The amount of financial commitment is insignificant compared to that of traditional business.

  1. A Huge Demand for High Quality Products: There are a myriad of network marketing companies that promote very good products. If I were considering a company to get involved with, I would always ask myself:


“Would I still consume this product/service if there was no opportunity to market it?”

“Do these products bring any benefits to a consumer besides the opportunity to make money?”

“Would I bring “value” to my customers if they consume these products?”


Every business needs repeat customers. Distributors only get paid when they have consumers for their products and when these customers continue that consumption, then that creates the money flow.


  1. Residual Income: I am sure that you pay your gas, your electricity, and your phone bill every single month. These are the types of services that, for the most part, provide an ongoing stream of residual income for these companies.


The greatest advantage of a VitaMist business is that it gives you an opportunity to enjoy residual income just like those companies do.


When the initial effort of getting a new customer is completed, you can enjoy the residual part of that business relationship.


We are so used to trading our time for wages that we often don’t see the potential residual income of a VitaMist business Program. By direct selling your products, you can also claim your share of the residual income pie.


  1. The income potential: There is no cap on how much money you can generate. In my corporate jobs, my big limitation was that, regardless how hard I worked for these companies, my income was tied to a “market standard” for someone with my skills.


 In a VitaMist business, that’s not the case. It is up to you to decide how much you want to earn. The VitaMist program doesn’t hold you back in the same way the corporate environment does.


As long as you have the skillset of a trained VitaMist Rep., you make whatever income based on your stamina, dedication, and your willingness to help others.


The skillset is key. Once you trained have yourself to become a marketer, you can market anything you choose and generate that income you seek.


  1. No Employees to Hire: By far, this is a clear advantage over traditional businesses. The VitaMist program is a business of people independently working together.


Without any employees, it’s possible to build a business right from home. This industry gives you that added benefit, to be in business without employees concerns, by having a network of independent business owners working together towards a common goal.


  1. No Inventory: Traditionally, network marketing companies would have distributors stock up on inventory. This concept alone has given the industry a bad rap for years. VitaMist has done away with this.


However, modern companies do capitalize on the technology and tools we have in place. We have:

  • Internet Telephony
  • Drop Shipping Ability
  • Consumer Leads
  • Conference Lines
  • Web Conference
  • High Speed Internet Access

Not having to inventory products will make your business more agile to any market condition.

  1. Low Operating Costs: VitaMist’s marketing model makes it possible to run a business at low costs compared to other business models.


This is where your upline’s support comes in. A good upline mentor should allow you to piggyback on his expertise, on his knowledge, on his leads, and help you generate the funds to pay off your initial investment and get in profit early in the life of your business.


  1. Leverage: Your VitaMist business is a:
  • People business
  • Business of appointments
  • Business of helping consumers find what they have the need for
  • Business of helping others create businesses.

You reap the rewards by leveraging the efforts of those you help. This develops a collective mindset that promotes “win-win” relationships.

  1. Portability: With the advent of technology, we can do today what distributors 15 years ago could not do, which is to make our business portable.


We now have a phone technology that allows you to take your telephone and move it anywhere you like transparently to your customers.


As long as you have access to the Internet via DSL or Cable, you can take your computer, your phone, and continue doing business while you are on the road, on vacation, or visiting relatives whether that be in another city or another country!


  1. Attainable Freedom: Imagine having a productive business in VitaMist providing you with a lifestyle that only the rich and famous enjoy. When all the pieces are in place, the life of a marketer can be very fulfilling indeed.


 That’s the dream every new distributor chases, and it is only attainable when there is a clear understanding of how to get there and when your marketing skills are sharp.


It is not just the money, but the fulfillment of a lifestyle that makes a VitaMist business the best business!

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