I Hope All of You Were Listening

I hope all of you were listening on the Labor Day evening call Bill proposed a $5,000 Diamond Challenge or Rewards Program. I felt as if I wanted to add some words of wisdom and encouragement for all of you who have decided to head for the Diamond at the top.

Between you and a world of financial freedom is that challenge which stands in your way – that challenge that someone else will be energized by and will direct energy toward, thus overcoming that challenge.

Between you and a world of Financial freedom is that excuse you’re tempted to claim – which someone else will not see as an excuse, but as a compelling reason to move forward.

Between you and a world of financial freedom is that task you consider to be beneath you – the same task that someone else will take upon themselves to get it done and enjoy rich rewards as a result.

Between you and a world of financial freedom is that obstacle blocking your path – the very same obstacle that someone else will see as an opportunity and will triumph as a result.

Who is that someone else? Will it be you? It certainly can be. Those things, which frustrate you, inconvenience you, or make you uncomfortable, can indeed be filled with positive value. In each of life’s difficulties is the opportunity, the potential for making life better, by making your business stronger.

You stand today on the verge of greatness. Building blocks of that greatness are imbedded in the challenges and obstacles, which regularly come your way. The biggest, longest-lasting, most meaningful triumphs come from the most difficult and formidable challenges. Take it one day at a time, build your business one person at a time, and reap the rewards.

A world of possibility awaits you.

Take up the challenge and claim it.

Remember every one of you is a Diamond in the rough on your way to the top….

From My Heart With LOV – Sari

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