I Love Christmas!

Dear VitaMist Family, 

This December, our VitaMist View is dedicated to YOU, our loyal VitaMist Customers and Distributors.  Words just cannot express what you all mean to me and how much I appreciate all the love and support that you have shown me over the past years.

This VitaMist Family of ours is hard to explain to anyone who isn’t a part of it.  These are not just empty words, I mean it, from the bottom of my heart – our relationship is like family.  When you do well, the whole family is happy and celebrates your success, when you falter, we all feel it and try to act as your support.  Your success is our success, and our success is yours.  VitaMist defines TEAMwork

“Together Everyone Achieves More”

“Together Everyone Achieves More”

On December 25th, we will all be sitting down for Christmas  Dinner.  And we should all be very, very grateful for what we have in our lives.

I love Christmas. I think it’s my favorite holiday. What I like about it, is that it is about giving thanks. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions there is. Why is it so powerful? It is powerful because it can change your life.

VitaMist is doing well!  That is a good reason for us all to give thanks.  We must be honest; there have been times over the years when things were looking pretty bleak, both for VitaMist and in my personal life. During one particularly bleak time, a friend told me just to start listing everything I had in my life for which I was grateful. That taught me a valuable lesson so that now if ever I hear people say “everything sucks; I have nothing to be grateful for” I know it just isn’t true. There’s always something, no matter how small it is in your life, for which to be grateful.  Sometimes you just need to take a step back to see it. So, this year, when you sit down for Christmas Dinner, I urge all of you to pause for a moment and reflect both on our past and look into our future.  Let us ALL give thanks that we are together, as a family, a VitaMist Family.

 Merry Christmas! – Happy Holidays! – Happy New Year!

From My Heart With LOV – Sari

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