Do you believe it’s already July?  The year is half over (already!), we are at the height of summer, and every American is thinking about Independence Day.  For most people, our nation’s independence will be what crosses their mind, but for some of you, independence means more.  Some of you are concentrating on your own independence.  Whether it be your financial independence, independence from being told when to report to work, independence from being told when you can take your vacation,  independence from the salary cap your employer places on you, independence from the fear of being laid-off…

VitaMist is purveyor of independence.  Sure, we sell vitamin supplements…  Amazing, highly effective supplements…  But that’s just the product, not the mission.  The mission is to bring good health to all.  While our supplements are the vehicle for that mission, they are not the whole of it.  Good health means getting your proper nutrition and exercise, but it also means living a happy, low stress life.  Those are the things that we are the proudest to offer.  We provide them by giving you a means to be your own boss, to set your own salary, to work your own hours and to never have to worry about your job security.  We provide good health, happiness and low stress by purveying independence.

So this Independence Day, I want to personally thank all of our wonderful distributors for believing in our mission, joining the VitaMist family and working for your own independence.  

Good health for all starts with you, and grows from there.


From My Heart With LOV


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