Ladies Of VitaMist

Dear VitaMist Family,

WOW!!!! Our LOV (Ladies Of VitaMist) meeting with the wonderful ladies at Homecoming this year was amazing. Irma and I were overwhelmed by the love. It really was heartwarming to meet such a wonderful group of ladies, and above all, to know that Vitamist is a part of their lives, hopes and dreams. I know I speak for both Irma and myself in saying that we will both remember this homecoming because it has became a part of us.

As this year marches on and we move into fall, VitaMist continues to grow by leaps and bounds, As you read this letter, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, because you play such a major part in our growth. Over this past month we have heard so many new and excited voices on our conference calls, new names are joining every day and to each and every one of you, WELCOME, WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY.

Excerpt from “Where I belong”, by Jeanette Lopez

For my whole life
I have never felt at home in my own home
Never spent it laughing the whole day long
Never stopped the crying
But I have often dreamed
Of a far away 0place
Filled with people who cheer for me
Whenever they see my face
Welcoming me
With the warmest of welcomes
And deep down inside
I can hear the vices telling me
This is where I’m meant to be.

VitaMist is where you belong! VitaMist is your home; VitaMist is where you are
meant to be!

From My Heart With LOV – Sari

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