LOV Means Ladies of VitaMist

The holidays are fast approaching and we are kicking off this holiday season with a message that not only our L.O.V. (that’s Ladies of VitaMist® which we had our first phone call this last month) but also every one of us can get behind and we call all hold true.


~ Live to the fullest, and make each day count

~ Don’t let the important things go unsaid

~ Have simple pleasures in this complex world

~ Be a joyous spirit and sensitive soul

~ Take those long walks that would love to be taken

~ Explore those sunlit paths that would love to oblige

~ Make tomorrow happier by going there in ways that really matter

~ And don’t ever forget that eventually…..dream-chasers become dream-catchers

-Blue Mountain Arts


Here at your VitaMist® family these are some of the things that we hold true, and we want them for you.  This year is destined to be one of the brightest years in our history.  With the growth we are experiencing from this last year, we are on our way to becoming a billion-dollar company.  I know that through VitaMist® we will be helping more people than any other company in history with health, wealth, and happiness.



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