Mountain of Success

I want to thank VitaMist & VitaMist family for the opportunity to share such a fantastic product. When I started with VitaMist I was told that they had a good product and company. To my surprise they surpassed all of my expectations by delivering a Top Product to my door. The company stands alone in the industry of nutrition, when I had done my research I saw a great foundation to build an outstanding relationship with.

Brett Grubbs
Brett Grubbs

No Accomplishment like this could ever be done without a Team of Family & Friend’s helping you grow and learn together. Trust from people like Mike & Kristie Enz that brought a ripple effect to bring people like Jake & Deb Hinton, Elaine & Al Spence and Ray & Juanita Wilson.  Then you have company greats like Steve Smith, Ted Kapela and Rich Roland. We also have up and coming Friends like Janice & Dean Tobens, Shandon Allen, Pat & Janeil Cannon, Jan Mendoza and Veet Mano. I really want to take time to thank Bill Deihl, Mike Enz, Larry Searles, Jake Hinton and Tom Adams for nothing would be possible if they didn’t spend time on the phone teaching me how to persevere through so much in my life the last two years. I have grown as a friend and a person into a leader ready to do whatever needs to be done for all of us to succeed.

Now where do e go from here? I will dedicate my time and effort to each one of you to continue your growth of knowledge of product, business, and relationships. This will not always be the easiest road but I know in my heart it will be the right path for all of us.With everyone sharing with passion and knowledge of VitaMist Spray Vitamins you can reach any goal that you have set for yourself! Everyone sharing at Expo’s, Fair’s, and Home parties there is success at your door step. Vitamist has all the tools and support that you need, Leadership and customer service that will help you with any questions that you may have, just call and we will be there for you.

VitaMist is Poised within the Industry to be the Household name when anyone mentions or ask about nutrition! With the release of our Non-Profit Fundraising program there are no boundaries for VitaMist. In closing I want to thank everyone in the business for our accomplishments since I have been with VitaMist. Diamond is only one step towards our future together with VitaMist!

If you want to climb the mountain of success, You first must decide to climb the mountain!

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