My Greatest Achievement

May is a very important month for me, because it’s a reminder of my greatest achievement.  On May 15th, 1969, my son William Deihl was born.  After my husband, Joe, passed away, Bill stepped up as a leader and the key innovator of VitaMist, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He has helped expand our company’s forward focused vision to new horizons.

Every mother hopes to see her child succeed in life.  This is achieved through encouraging our children to take risks, and to have the strong will and conviction to succeed.  The love and concern that a mother (or father) has for her children inspires her to impart wisdom upon them by pulling from her own successes and failures in life.  I’ve tried my whole life to impart this wisdom, and there is nothing more satisfying than to see my son take what he’s learned, and run with it.

In his life so far, Bill had earned a Masters in Nutritional Science and a Ph.D. In Metaphysics. He’s traveled around the country for years as the nutrition expert, and was a even a guest teacher for bariatric doctors and nurses at Princeton University. He has combined his knowledge of nutrition, his background in Traditional Chinese medicine, and his natural talent as a salesman and public speaker, and focused all of these skills on helping our distributors succeed.  He puts his whole heart into it, and it shows.  From his daily conference calls with VitaMist distributors and the long weekends working on formulations, to his time on the road attending conferences and television interviews, Bill never stops working.  He never stops moving forward..

As the President of VitaMist Ltd.  and the Vice President of Mayor Pharmaceutical Labs, he has been the person that I rely on the most.  What more could a mother ask for?  So as we approach Bill’s birthday this month, I am yet again reminded that my son is my greatest achievement.

Dear son, I want you to know

Day after day, as you grow

Lose your fears, not your confidence

Make meaning of, your existence

Say goodbye, to every worry

Live life king size and be carefree

These are words, that may be few

But to live well, they will guide you

I love you


Life is a stairway that need to be climbed through and through.  Watching my son make that climb has been more fulfilling than I could have imagined.

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