Product of the Month, April 2015

Whenever you are under stress, it is essential that you make sure you take your supplements, and there is not a better way to take your daily vitamins than with VitaMist oral sprays.  They are convenient, compact, easy to use, AND great tasting.

D-Stress is one of our original and most popular products.  We live in stressful times, and despite all the modern conveniences, VitaMist D-Stress Spraylife just seems to keep getting more and more stressful.  It has been shown that times of stress can cause depletion of essential vitamins, especially the B-vitamins, and this in turn can lead to depression, fatigue and illness.  Let VitaMist D-Stress help replace some of those lost nutrients.

D-Stress is a B-complex product which is supplemented with additional vitamin C and an herbal extract of no less than 14 different herbs which are widely reported to have a calming effect.  In addition, D-Stress supports a healthy immune system and circulatory system.  All of this, in a smooth and pleasant chocolate tasting spray.  Let us help you in times of stress!

Did you realize that the Product of the Month is also a BUSINESS TOOL?

Selecting the featured product(s) is always very difficult.  There are two purposes behind the Product of the Month program – first, we want to reward all Distributors who commit to a regular monthly order, and second, we want everyone to experience all of VitaMist’s different products.

What do you do with the Product of the Month?  Did you know that there are many ways you can use this free gift to help your business?  You can use the free tube as a sample to hand out to potential clients and future distributors; give someone a tube and let them try it for a month.  Alternatively, keep the Product of the Month and use it as a tester.  This way, you can let hundreds of people try the benefits of VitaMist.  Let people find out how good they taste, how effective they are, and how easy they are to use.  If neither
of these ideas appeal to you, you can use the free tubes as just good old profit!  Selling the free tube is like a $25.00 bonus EACH AND EVERY MONTH.

***Now you can choose your Product of the Month for a additional $3. ***

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