Sorting and Selling

I Love Cake!

In fact, just yesterday I had a hankering for a slice of Nikki’s double-chocolate death cake that is, without question, the best cake you will ever eat.

The problem was, Nikki lives across town, and the only way a heaping fork-full of ultra-moist, sinfully rich cake was going to touch my lips was if I made it. So I thought about it, pondered life without it, and at one point even considered purchasing a cheap imitation at the local grocer. But after some serious soul searching, the answer was clear.

Bake the cake.

So, I grabbed my recipe box and pulled out the first 5 x 7-index card, and here’s how it read;

The Count’s Chicken Surprise.


4-large chicken breasts, two eggs, celery, cream of chicken soup, red food coloring, NO GARLIC.

“Hmmmmm. O.K… lets see here, maybe I’m reading this incorrectly… somewhere here shouldn’t it say something about chocolate?

“I’ll keep reading.”

Quarter the breast and fry until golden

“Hey! What the heck is this? I’m after cake and I’m getting poultry!

“Gosh darn it! I really, really want some cake. Maybe it’s on the back of this card?”

O.K., by now you are thinking who on earth would spend all that time continuing to read a recipe that is obviously the wrong one? Is this guy a moron? Why doesn’t he just move on to the next recipe card and keep going until he finds Nichole’s double- chocolate death cake?

Because I don’t know the difference between sorting and selling.
Do you?

Pulling out one recipe card and staring at it, wishing and hoping that it is the recipe you seek rather than Sorting is the art of recognizing the wrong person quickly, by allowing them to identify themselves.recognizing it as the wrong one is no different than sitting at your brother-in-law’s kitchen table for hours selling your business opportunity.

Sorting is the art of recognizing the wrong person quickly by allowing them to identify themselves. You can’t say enough right things to the wrong person, but I can assure you that the majority of people in our industry will spend 30-60 minutes selling their product or opportunity to the wrong person, who just doesn’t know how to tell them no.  Let’s face it, if you do try to sell them, you will be selling them on doing everything else they need to do to be successful.

This, my friends, puts the “P” in pain when it comes to prospecting, and ultimately becomes the reason 80% of the people who start, quit!

Keep in mind that the most genuine reason people are not interested in a Network Marketing Opportunity is because they don’t want to sell, and they don’t want to hit up their friends and family.

Now as you sit on the phone for an hour and a half explaining your comp plan and the number of major publications your company has graced the cover of, you say to your prospect in all sincerity, “It’s got nothing to do with selling!”


Think about this, how many more people would be attracted to you and your business if the entire sorting process took 30-60 seconds? What if you told them that you encourage them not to talk to family and friends?

More importantly, how much better would it make your life?

As the corporate trainer for VitaMist, my job is to teach our Team members how to utilize our system and become master prospectors/sorters, regardless of their skill or experience. As my friend Tom Davis so often said, “In networking, we get paid for results.” The same can be said for VitaMist, and the results our team members that have implemented our system are experiencing are phenomenal.

Yep…we have a killer recipe for prospecting success that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  It’s

In fact, you may find that prospecting is a piece of cake.
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