State of the Company Address

This is the time of year that the President of the United States delivers the annual State of the Union Address and each State Governor presents his or her State of the State address.  I wanted to take this opportunity to present you with my State of the Company Address.

Well, VitaMist is very healthy indeed and is going from strength to strength.  During the course of 2012, VitaMist developed a number of key geographical markets.  The outstanding successes in Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida and the Carolina’s may stand out, but what I find especially uplifting is the dedication and effort put in by every single one of our wonderful Distributors.  I wish I could list all your names in this Newsletter, but space prohibits this.  However, you should all be very proud of your achievements over the past year.  Together, we have fought adversity and our joint efforts are beginning to show dividends.

So much has happened this past year.  We held a number of different contests (with some BIG winners!); we have held meetings both in Phoenix and in different locations around the country; we have continued to develop our weekly Conference Calls and also adding more and more people onto daily focus calls.  We have continued to develop our website(s) and also introduced special programs, like the program that has earned quite a few people some very big rewards!  And while all this has been going on, we have even quietly introduced a new product!

What of the future?  We are growing.  We are moving into new markets.  We are developing new business tools.  Just recently thanks to you we have branched into Russia, where the products are becoming very popular.

Mark Twain wrote:

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

Let VitaMist help you reach your dreams and realize your ambitions.


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