Summer Months are the best time of the year for VitaMist

Summertime is here and it should not be a time to back off your VitaMist Prospecting. This is the time that people want to take vacations, but many are stuck at their job and need more free time. We can help with that; VitaMist prospecting in the summer can be good and bad depending on your level of activity.

The Connection

If you want to build a solid organization inside VitaMist it’s going to require you to always be making a new connection with someone each day. Yes, I said each day, with someone new. If you connect with one person a month, you’re going to have a hard time building any momentum.

The daily connection is the most important with your VitaMist prospecting. Some will argue that summertime is not the best time for any prospecting, but I say and know it can be the best time. I know that people save up all year to take that one vacation. It’s easy when you’re out having your own fun use it to your advantage.

Vacation Questions

When you are prospecting, you can ask questions like these… “Is this your first vacation” “Are you staying in the top hotel in town” “Are you in the VIP lines for the rides at the park”?

Can you see the direction I’m going with my prospecting? I’m doing a little bait and hook. Get people to talk about the vacation and how they wished they had the extra money to upgrade to all the great hotels, or not have to wait in line at the parks. Once they start complaining (the headache) you can give them a better solution (the aspirin).

“Oh you’re not staying at the Best hotel in town, why not?” Get them to talk about lack of money. Then you get to use your VitaMist prospecting skills to show them how your VitaMist marketing opportunity will solve their challenges of not having the ability to have the vacation they want.

Paint the Picture

VitaMist will give anyone the ability to build a solid home base business, and then go make a fortune. Once you make the fortune you can take any vacation you want, stay at the best hotels, eat the best foods, and drink the best wine.

You can show people how they can get this lifestyle or the greatest vacation they only dream about. Paint the picture in their mind of how they can make more money, help people and have more free time to do what they want.

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