The Feel, Felt, Found Technique

A Great way to Handle Objections

Feel Felt Found, way to handle objections, has been around for some time now, and it has stood the test of time.

It’s an effective way of handling sales objections that are based on the customer’s negative feelings towards a product.

Feel Felt Found has worked for many years. Give it a try; t’s really fast, ease to learn, and you can use it right away.

I understand how you FEEL

Empathize with the customer. Tell them that you can understand how they feel as they raise their objection

You do not want to challenge them, or push against the objection. You are letting them know that it is understandable that they could have this objection to the sale. You want the customer to feel that this is a normal part of the buying process.

(I or Other people) have FELT the same way

Others have felt the same way

You are using social proof to show that this is also what others have said, and they went on to buy. Your customer wants to be like others, we all do. We find safety in numbers, and we follow safe paths that others have taken.

You are emphasizing the thought that, feelings you have at the moment, were felt by others, and it will not stop you buying.

Why? Because they FOUND…

What others have FOUND

I understand why you FEEL…
Others have FELT…
What they FOUND was…

Tell the customer what other people found when they went on to buy from you. What they found that overcomes the sales objection. Don’t just overcome the sales objection by saying, they found everything was okay. Tell the customer how others, with the same sales objection, found that not only was everything okay, but actually it was far better.

Feel, Felt, Found, in use


I understand why you might Feel the price is too high.
Other customers have Felt the same way.
When they saw the money they saved with it, they Found it was a really good investment

I know how you Feel . When I first saw it I Felt the same. But when I tried it I Found I looked at it in a different way.

It’s understandable that you should Feel that way. I Felt the same when I thought about changing. Now I’ve Found that it works much better than my old one.

Try it for yourself

I can understand how you might feel about trying a new way of handling sales objections. When I was first shown the Feel, Felt, Found way of handling objections I felt the same. Now I’ve found in many situations it’s a really effective way of overcoming objections.

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