The Hardest Job in the World

Our friends and family made us who we are, and shape who we’ll become.  For most of us, one of our biggest influence was our mother.  For mothers, our biggest influence is our children.  It’s the hardest job in the world, but I’m sure most moms would agree that they wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Moms teach you everything, from how to eat healthy and dress yourself, to how to react to the trials life puts before you.

Moms are like security blankets. No matter how tough her day was, she’ll still be there when you need her.  You can talk to a mom about anything, even the things that are hard to talk about.  When something is too much for you, a mom will calm you down, give you a hug, and tell you it’s going to be OK.

No matter what the scenario is, a mom is always there for you, trying to make you feel better.

And she’ll do it with a smile, even when you forget to say thank you.

Too often we forget to say thank you.

So take this Mother’s Day to thank a mom.  Whether it’s your mom, your spouse’s, your wife or a neighbor, give your thanks to the woman who’s doing the hardest, and most satisfying job in the world.

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