The Holidays Are here again!

The Holidays Are here again!  A time to reflect and a time to look forward.  Traditionally it’s a time for families to get together and celebrate. And for friends to catch-up on the happenings of the past year.

If you are reading this newsletter, you are among some of the most fortunate.  You must count your blessings because you have family, friends and you have your VitaMist® family.  You have people who care about you and people who support you in all you do.  Over this past year, we have laughed together, cried together and prayed together.

Your VitaMist® Family is like a real family! there have been ups and downs in all our lives this year, but through it all, we held our belief in VitaMist and together we grew our business and spread the word about these great products.  VitaMist® introduced some exciting new products in 2013 as well as some incredible incentive programs. For example, our turbo start, free samples, tradeshow reimbursements, and nutritional clinics.

So, as we celebrate the Holidays, and the year draws to a close, lets all give thanks for the opportunities we have been given, and pledge to seize those opportunities with both hands and use them to achieve our goals in life. Remember, every one of us holds the key to our own success.  The best opportunity in the world will remain nothing more than an opportunity unless we take it!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



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