The Law of Attraction + NLP= MLM Success

I have been talking to a lot of people in VitaMist and I have run across some thinking about using the Law of Attraction to achieve MLM success. Most people involved in MLM struggle to see the Success they are looking for. It is not due to lack of effort however. So what can be the missing component? The answer just might be understanding The Law of Attraction and how your mind can hold you back.

However, most attempting to use the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires also struggle to no avail. This is where NLP (Nero-linguistic Programming) comes into play. Combining these three seemingly completely different disciplines is the foundation of my personal success.

Below I will share with you a strategy to achieve anything you desire. MLM Success? No problem. Financial Freedom? No problem. Self-employment, prosperity in economically challenging times?  No problem.  Prospecting? No problem.

The three areas of study that will help you achieve your dream of self-employment and MLM Success are…


Obviously you will need to get your hands on anything and everything relating to the business side of Network Marketing. In my opinion… and the updates that our coming soon, will give you those resources you will need.


A philosophy indicating that your experience and life circumstances are the result of your thoughts & feelings. Everything in your entire life is the effect of your energetic output. Like gravity, it is an immutable law of the universe. You attract your life experience by virtue of who you are.


Nero-linguistic programming is a personal development method of re-programming your mind using its natural system of information storage. Why is this important to us and why does it apply to MLM Success? Using NLP techniques you can rapidly attune yourself to attract whatever it is you are looking for. This will be given to you at the VitaMist Homecoming event in August.


See… The reason people struggle with the Law of Attraction is because you can’t just think your way to success. Well you can, but it will take years. The Law responds to your vibration, who you feel, who you are… If you want MLM Success it will only manifest after you are successful.

The Law of Attraction responds to who you truly fundamentally believe yourself to be. The problem is we only believe ourselves to be “successful” after we see the physical proof of success. The Universe will not manifest success until you first believe down to your core that you are successful.

You cannot manifest abundance until you feel abundant. You must resonate abundance to attract abundance. You must radiate abundance. Shine abundance…Yes…BEFORE you make any money, while heaped in debt, while struggling…you must feel ABUNDANT.

I think of it as the adolescent mindset. You remember…before you ever made your first dollar and you believed you could tackle the world! That is an abundant attitude!

NLP can assist you to quickly re-program yourself.  Yes, re-programming yourself at the most fundamental levels. This is why I recommend using NLP because it has been proven to work time after time to achieve MLM success. Your goal is clear! You know what you want.

After using NLP you will then need to understand the business and start taking the action steps towards success. However it will not manifest until you understand your own role in your Universe and how you can apply the Law of Attraction to your benefit. But understanding is not enough. You must then do the internal work.

Once you become an MLM success internally you will start taking action, a big secret of the Law of Attraction and you will become an MLM success externally.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool in your MLM success toolbox. When I first started out I played with it a little but before long it became more and more of my daily work. Now it is a natural part of my life and work so I decided to share my understanding with you.

“ The Law of Attraction responds to who you truly fundamentally believe yourself to be. ”

I look forward to seeing you and working with you at the VitaMist Home Coming Event in August.

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