The Nutritional Trends for 2016

With 2016 here, consumers are looking for that magic pill that will make them look and feel better.  They will find out that the magic pill is no longer a pill, and the nutrition trends of 2016 will put them on the right path. Nutrition can be confusing if you listen to all the hype.

Nutrition can be confusing if you listen to all the hype.

How can the health of both our family and ourselves be improved?  Here are the first 7 of the top 14 predictions that will put you on track in 2016:

  1. More emphasis will be placed on bringing the body into balance. Extensive medical research has emerged supporting the view that too much of a single nutrient can be as damaging as too little, leading some nutritional companies to reformulate products and use the synergistic approach to nutrition.  VitaMist continues to be at the forefront of this movement, promoting their “Core Four” approach to nutritional supplementation.  VitaMist’s Core Four are:
    • Multiple
    • C+Zinc
    • Colloidal Minerals
    • B12

    These four products provide the nutrients the human body needs on a daily basis, with useful, usable doses that are easy on the body.

  1. The USA continues to lead the World in deaths from heart disease, despite what is largely regarded as the most advanced (if not the most available) health care system in the World. In addition, the availability of doctors, drugs, and hospitals, all specializing in heart health, is regarded as among the best in the world.  Public awareness of this growing problem has helped to drive a trend towards the “natural” approach to circulatory health.  A simple amino acid, L-arginine, leads this trend.  Nobel Prize winning work demonstrated that L-arginine is a major factor for vascular protection, together with L-citrulline.  VitaMist’s CardioMax supplement provides these two amino acids, together with additional nutrients in an easy to use, water-soluble powder.
  1. 2016 will provide more proof of the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. For example, DHA helps to maintain healthy balances of cholesterol fractions and protects the brain and nerves. EPA helps normalize cell membranes and cellular health. These essential fats are typically very low in the American diet, so supplementation using omega rich products is essential.
  1. After years and years of fad diets, the nutritional approach to weight loss is finally beginning to gain a foothold with the American population. Research continues to support the fact that obesity is often linked to dietary deficiency rather than purely overeating.  Many of today’s foods have been deprived of their nutritional value through soil mineral depletion, over processing, increased sodium levels and increased sugar levels.  Providing the body the nutrients it needs to sustain daily activities leads to a marked reduction in the “hunger” signals sent to our brains, reducing overeating and obesity.  VitaMist leads the field by providing a nutritional program consisting of protein, vitamins and minerals which effectively curbs the appetite while maintaining optimum health.
  1. The once popular DHEA will make its comeback in 2016. DHEA is an adrenal hormone that has been vilified as a “steroid”, but is no more so than vitamin D.  No less an authority than physician and US Senator Tom Coburn has written to his colleagues informing them that he has reviewed the issues and urges them to avoid a ban of this natural product, which is useful in anti-aging strategies.
  1. Sleep disorders continue to make the news, and the public awareness of this problem will increase as accident statistics are presented linking deaths with tiredness and lack of sleep. Although there are a lot of over the counter sleep aids, as well as prescription medications, the trend is towards “natural” and VitaMist offers a faster acting product which has gained universal acclaim as effective, non-habit forming and safe.
  1. The use of B-complex vitamins as an antidote to the effects of stress continues to gain in During periods of extreme stress the body will deplete its reserves of B-vitamins and will also become susceptible to infection and disease.  VitaMist D-Stress helps to replace the B-complex vitamins lost in times of stress at the same time as providing restorative herbal extracts.
  1. The new “super-nutrient” to emerge in 2016 will be vitamin D. Throughout 2015, we regularly read about emerging research on this nutrient and this will continue into 2016.  We fully expect government guidelines on the intake of vitamin D to be changed early in the year.  Deficiency of vitamin D is common in the United States and worldwide. It is known to be important in bone mineral metabolism, but now we have information that it does much more.   For example: good intake of vitamin D can reduce both hip fractures and other non-vertebral fractures; it can improve symptoms of leg weakness; it can improve lower extremity strength and improve walking for seniors.
  1. In 2016, vitamin B12 will continue its popularity as “the energizer” vitamin. There is also increasing awareness of the importance of vitamin B12 supplementation for the elderly, due to its involvement with both mental acuity and anemia.  However, studies have shown (as reported in the Harvard Health Letter) that taking vitamin B12 pills may yield only 1% absorption.  The alternative to an ineffective pill is though by many to be a painful, expensive, injection, however, VitaMist offers two different strengths of B12 in a spray, for ease of use, fast absorption and value for money.
  1. Supplements for children gain acceptance through 2016. As we continue the trend towards less nutritious “junk” food, parents are increasingly having to deal with the devastating effects of nutritional deficiencies in their children.  These effects range from susceptibility to illness, to attention, hyperactivity and behavioral disorders.  VitaMist, with a delicious, easy to use, balanced Children’s Multiple can give children a fun way to take supplements.
  1. “Smart drug” supplements are trending upwards. These nootropics have been all the rage in Silicon Valley, and their use will only increase as word spreads.  Medical research has already proven the importance of certain nutrients in enhancing cognitive function and the public is becoming increasingly aware of the value of these nutrients.  Studies will show that students taking supplements have higher test scores and improved learning ability over their non-supplementing counterparts.  College age students can utilize the benefits of nootropics by taking Clarity & Focus, a spray vitamin that contains known cognitive enhancers like Ginkgo biloba, vitamin B12, inositol, phosphatidylserine and choline.
  1. Antioxidants will continue to be extremely popular in 2016. What we do see as falling into disrepute are the wild claims made for many of the “super foods” and “super juices”– which, by any other name are simply “antioxidants”.  VitaMist offers a variety of antioxidant containing sprays, based on proven, time tested, ingredients.
  1. The most significant trend in the nutritional industry will be the wider acceptance and understanding of sprays as a delivery system. Already accepted in the medical arena, with nitroglycerin sprays being a good example, vitamin sprays will grab the country’s attention as being the best way to take supplements.  Spray vitamins offer convenience, rapid absorption, and value for money.
  1. Body Energy Nutritionals – We are made of Energy and many things can affect us. From poor diet, pollution, unseen forces and stresses of daily life all have negative impact on our health and well-being. It’s true, in our very busy lives we are bombarded by physical and emotional stress that robs us of our vital life energy. According to Eastern Medicine, Its Energy fuels the essence that connects our body, mind and spirit. Energy travels and circulates through and all around our bodies. When your energy is weak it can cause a host of problems in your body. As you age, you may feel as though you no longer have the energy that you once had. There is only one Laboratory ( that has taken the time to do testing on how you can improve your body’s over all energy health

It has been shown that good nutrition is a major key to good health and a longer life. Use these predicted trends to change your life for the better in 2016.

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