The Power of Being Grateful

   I love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. Family, food, friends, and football thrown in for good measure. But I digress.


What I like about Thanksgiving is it’s about giving thanks. And I think gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions out there. Why is it so powerful? It is powerful because it can change your life.


My business and life are going great right now, better than I had planned, but it hasn’t always been that way. There were plenty of times where things were looking pretty bleak. During one particularly grim time, a friend told me to start listing everything I had in my life to be grateful for. Now, when things are looking pretty bad, it can be easy to say “everything sucks; I have nothing to be grateful for.” But, if we’re honest, we know that isn’t true. There’s always something, no matter how small, that is in your life you can be grateful for, and sometimes you need to take a step back to see it.


What’s so amazing about gratitude is it’s so simple, yet it has so much power. It’s so powerful it can start turning things around for you. Now, granted, being grateful all by itself will probably not turn a sinking business into a profitable one. But, it CAN be the catalyst to a transformation.


Why does this work? Well, if you’re a fan of the Secret and law of attraction, you’ve heard the phrase “what you focus on expands.” So if you focus on all the things you’re grateful for instead of all the things that aren’t working, the universe will bring you more things to be thankful for and less of the things that aren’t working.


Now, while I do think this is true, I also know a lot of people do not believe this or don’t think it’s true for them. So, might I suggest another, more practical reason, for why gratitude works — because it makes you feel better.


Yes, if you start to think about all the wonderful things that are in your life and that you have to be grateful for; things don’t look quite so bleak. You’re able to break, even for just a few moments, the funk you might have sunk into. And, with that improved mindset, you most likely can see your situation a bit clearer and start coming up with some solutions (and maybe even take some actions) to get yourself out of it.


But gratitude isn’t just about when things are going wrong; it’s also powerful when things are going right. When you’re on top of the world, it’s still an amazing practice to give thanks. If nothing else, it gives you a moment to fully appreciate how wonderful things are right now. (And isn’t that a nice feeling to enjoy?)


So, how do you start adding a practice of gratitude to your life? …. Make a list of ten things that you can be grateful for about you, your downline, and about your business. To make a change, we must do the work, don’t put off for tomorrow, and make a list NOW!

All you have to do is just read this list every day and just before going to bed. We need to change our focus so we can change the results in ours and our VitaMist lives. My intention is that this will help you to achieve your outcome and please make sure to use the tools…. NOW! My intention is to serve others and make your business become profitable.  Again thanks for your time, and make your life magnificent!!



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