The Winning Close:

YOU: What did you like best about the presentation?

 No matter what their answer is here respond with…. Great!!!!

 YOU:  “Let me ask you something.  If you make the decision right now to become a VitaMist distributor, how much would you want to earn, let’s say, on a monthly basis?”

 Write the amount your prospect wants to earn down on a notepad.  Let’s say, for example, that he/she tells you $2,000 a month.

YOU:  “OK, you want to earn $2000 a month becoming a VitaMist distributor, and you will be building a team sharing the VitaMist products with friends and family to earn it.  Realistically, when do you want this?”

You have just asked the second question of the Winning Close, “When?”  Suppose your prospect tells you in three months.


You:  “OK, three months it is; I am making a note of that. What do you think your boss would say if you ask for a $2000 raise?  Did I think so?  Now if you got started with me today, and you were making an additional $500 a month three months from now, would you quit or keep on working to earn more?”

 Most prospects will say they would keep on working.  This can also be used to tone down a prospect’s monetary goal for a period.  Suppose your green prospect wanted to earn $20,000 a month by the third month.  Perhaps it is suitable for all of your prospects to want $20,000 a month income, but how realistic is it?  If anyone joins your sales group with the expectation of earning $20,000 a month in three months, he/she will likely be disappointed and quit when it does not happen.  Using this approach will enable you to bring you to being the prospect closer to reality and get a commitment.


YOU:  “The reason I ask that most people give me a one-year commitment to this business is that by following our system, they surprise themselves a lot earlier.  How about you?  If I give you my commitment to help you build your foundation over the next few weeks and teach you what you need to know, would you give me a one-year commitment to do this business to earn $2000 a month?”

 Most prospects will say “YES” at this point.  Now, you must ask the third question in the Winning Close.


YOU:  “What are you willing to do to earn, $2000 a month with VitaMist?”

 No matter what they answer, write it down and then tell them:

YOU: ”What I am going to ask of you is simple.  Would you be willing to go back to school one night a week for an hour?  Would you be willing to work with me in your spare time over the next few weeks to build a foundation for your organization?  Would you be willing to commit to doing this business for one year?  Would you be willing to invest $100 in a Product?

You should receive a “YES” to these questions, so you are ready for the Winning Close!

 YOU: Great!  When do you want to get started earning your first commission check?”


You will be surprised at the number of prospects that will answer “NOW”!  The next step is to place the application in front of them and then complete an order form.  Closing is guaranteed at this time, for they have committed.


YOU:  “I think you have filled out everything that we need.  How do you wish to pay for your first order?”


By adequately preparing your prospect for the close, you will increase your closing success.  This prospect was first prepared by answering the five questions in the initial presentation.

* Who is the company?

      * How much money can I earn

      * How much does it cost?

      * Can I do it?

      Then you immediately work the Winning Close.

      Looking back on the initial presentation, you will notice that the prospect has the assurance that he/she would not be alone in the beginning because you were committed to helping with presentations for the first few weeks.  You also stated that there were some upline distributors also willing to help.  This is worth 50% of any close.  Every prospect will feel more comfortable joining with a mentor and a coach for guidance.

      The prospect was also shown and explained the step-by-step system, which reassured that there would be a definite and clear blueprint to follow from the very beginning.

           1. What or how much do you want to earn?

             2. When do you want this?

               3. What are you willing to do to get it?

                 4. When do you want to get started earning?

              The interaction you created with the four questions in the Winning Close served to create a mental bond and get the prospect into an active role, rather than just listening to your presentation.  Every answer will be positive and lead to saying “RIGHT NOW” to the last question.  If you do not interact with prospects and get them thinking and talking, you will not succeed in making a close.


              This presentation is highly effective with 90% of prospects, but there are still those that are unmovable.  Usually, these are the ones who do not have enough available cash to get started and may be embarrassed by the fact.  I sometimes believe that the harder it is for someone to join, the better he/she will do.  So, work with that prospect and make it easier to join.  Such prospects are sometimes the ones that can produce those great referrals. Never miss the opportunity to get referrals.


              YOU:  “If you need to wait a few weeks to put your money together, I can understand.  I will hold your application out until you can afford to make your purchase.  Meanwhile, we can go ahead and start making presentations, so you will have an organization started when you are ready.  This will assure that you will be able to pay for your initial products when you receive them and make your first profit with VitaMist at the same time.  You should get this book right now and study it.  This is the system we will be working with to build your income.”


              No matter what reason prospects give for not “writing the check” today, seize the opportunity to make referral presentations.  The chances are that if you have them accompany you on a few presentations to their prospects, you will get that check quickly.  At the very least, you will have the opportunity to make a few referral presentations to people you would not ever have met.


              A “Force Close” technique that seems to work quite well is to create fear of loss.


              YOU:  “Now earning, $2000 a month with VitaMist is not for everyone and may not be right for you.  The only reason I showed this to you today is that I am committed to making it work for everyone that works with me.  If it is not something you want to do, that’s fine, but I am sure you know someone that you could introduce me to that would be interested.”


              The “Take Away Close” is sometimes very effective.


              YOU:  “My income depends entirely on the success I have with all of my distributors.  That’s why I spend so much time getting them started before I let them work by themselves.  I can only work with one or two new distributors at a time, so if this is something that you do not want, I will completely understand and appreciate your telling me right up front and not wasting my time.  I will find someone else that wants it.  By the way, if you are not interested, who do you know that might like for me to help them earn, $2000 a month?”


              Should you strike out completely, don’t let it bother you at all.  Some people will never get to where they want to be in life because they have a fear of some kind that prevents them from trying.


              “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What…NEXT”

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