Think Without Fear

Training your mind to think freedom without fear, to think potential, to think success is very similar to training your body for a sport. Athletes know pain is only temporary and potential must be seen in the mind’s eye.

Pain is typically easier to remember than pleasure – and the memory of past pain generates fear whenever you encounter a situation with the possibility to cause new pain. Thus you are guided by your fear to avoid painful situations rather than by your desire to enjoy pleasurable situations. This will lead to mental barriers and blockages that can be very difficult to climb.

Certain thoughts become capable of generating fear. That fear keeps people from thinking any further because they associate it with emotional or physical pain.

For you to break down the mental walls of perceived fear, you must give yourself permission to ask questions – questions that will break down your limiting beliefs of the past and help you think “outside the box.”  In essence, you must begin actively “asking questions” of your own thoughts, opinions and beliefs in a positive way. Your self-esteem and self-worth in large is based from your present belief systems. By conquering fear, you’ll have the confidence to take yourself to freedom and success!

Practice a technique I call AAA – Awareness-Acknowledgement-Action to create a positive breakthrough in your thinking. Breakthroughs begin with deep awareness and core acknowledgement. Action to increase potential will naturally follow.

As a success coach I teach students to “ask yourself questions in the direction you want your life to move.” Mind mastery is part of the journey. You must seek to remove fear – all journeys begin with that single step.

Your eventual reward will be an open and confident mind that stands strong against past and present fear because it is not afraid of the possibilities that free thought and life’s potential have to offer. And in the absence of fear, you will enjoy increased powers of perception, a high degree of self-confidence and self-trust, peace of mind and a mindset of success!

Is the journey worth it?
You decide.
A mindset of success begins with that question.

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