VitaMist is Exploding!

It’s June, summer is here, and VitaMist is exploding!

Every day, more and more people are joining our family and our monthly VitaMist View is my opportunity to publicly welcome each and every one of you into VitaMist.

You already know it, but by joining VitaMist you have made one of the most important decisions of your life.  You had a choice, you chose wisely and you have chosen the best VitaMist Products are the best nutritional supplements in the World, and if you have joined VitaMist as a Team Member, you are representing a company with all of the traditional family values that you have a right to expect.  VitaMist is a company that has been built on a solid foundation of integrity, honesty, and above all, family.  Each and every one of you is an important member of the VitaMist family.

I remember years ago seeing a printed ad with the line “never compromise”.  For some reason, that line has always stuck with me.  So this month you will notice another improvement and another step forward.  We have re-configured our Newsletter and changed some of the content.  We know you will like this change.  It is part of our ongoing effort to develop and improve every aspect of VitaMist.  We, like you, continue to search for ways to improve and advance (and we are always open to suggestions).  At VitaMist it is not acceptable to say “it’s fine, it’s OK”.  We believe there is ALWAYS room for improvement, and we urge you to have the same philosophy in everything you do, every single day of your life.



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