VitaMist Named Product of the Year!

I’m happy to say that VitaMist was named the 2016 Product of the Year by the massage therapy community!  Bill, our President, was invited to Atlantic City this past month to accept the award at the World Massage Festival, and to speak about the importance of complete health.  What do I mean by complete health?  Leading a long, happy and healthy life is more than just exercising or maintaining a proper diet.  Complete health is about paying attention to your nutrition, your physical activity, your mental health, stress levels and rehabilitation efforts.  It’s about your mind, body and spirit, combined. As a nutraceutical company, we tend to stress nutrition.  We promote the concept of “diet support,” the idea that changing your diet should not be painful, and it should be for life.  However, your physical, mental and spiritual health are all just as important as nutrition.

By naming us the Product of the Year, The World Massage Festival and Massage Therapy Hall of Fame have recognized all that we have done to benefit the health care community, but we are not done yet!  There is still so much more to learn, so many more people to teach, and so little time to waste.  Your health will not wait for you to get around to it.  This is a troubling belief that many people seem to share.  Your life is all that you have, and if you do not tackle your health issues, that unique and beautiful life of yours will slip through your fingers faster and faster with each unhealthy day you waste.

So it’s up to you, our wonderful family of VitaMist Nutritional Coaches, to get healthy, enjoy your lives, and spread the word of good health as far and wide as you can.  While you’re at it, take a moment to book yourself a massage.  And don’t let anybody tell you that being healthy can’t be enjoyable.

“We want to educate consumers who have been misinformed by malicious marketing campaigns for years.  There are healthy solutions to many of your health problems, and most of these solutions don’t have a price tag attached.”

-William Deihl

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